Monday, February 27, 2012


Fundraising. The word strikes terror into the hearts of students everywhere. It seems inconceivable that it actually contains the word "fun"... because let's face it, there's nothing fun about freezing your butt off trying to get money for something you don't even care about. Yes, so the school cafeteria ran out of meatloaf. (How that happened, I have no idea. Does anyone even eat that anyway? Isn't it made out of leather?)

It's just a little bit scary, too. Getting a door slammed in your face, risking fingers and feet? (Yes, we're expected to keep it open any way possible. Our school is hardcore.) That's bad enough... but what about gathering bottles from people who look like they just finished drinking them? (There is something seriously sketchy about someone who comes to the door wearing only one sock and an elephant hat. I mean, seriously, those are not made for grown men. At least choose something dignified like a monkey.)

And then there are your fundraising companions. You don't want to go alone... but you risk getting distracted from the purpose. There are also social considerations. Do you really want to be stuck with that girl who's always carrying around a notebook and never stops talking?...oh wait, that's me, never mind. Miraculously enough, I did find a friend who managed to come with me. Despite impromptu dance parties, talking to a boy who think corduroy pants are cool (that distracted us for a good forty minutes) and an amazingly cute cat, we managed to raise a grand total of... ten dollars.

I guess that means we're going out again tonight.

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