Friday, March 23, 2012

sunscreen is my new best friend

And... I'm alive! I'm sure you were all bereft without the excitement of my amazing life. (Eat some cookies. They make everything better. So do cupcakes.) I apologise for not posting in several weeks. This absence is due entirely to one thing- the rare and mysterious beast known as the yearbook. It roams the school, causing chaos wherever it goes- watch out for papercuts and photos that make you look like a cow with indigestion or some equally lovely creature. Even better, it takes hours to make tiny edits. (Why do so many elementary students have to have weird nicknames? Who calls their child Lizzo, and why would they want that in the yearbook?)

Even better, my class picture makes me look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The photographers couldn't have warned me that my hair was tucked into my collar? Or that one of my eyes was closed? No. That would be too difficult. They can only manage to tell me to 'widen my legs' despite the fact that a) they don't show in the picture and b) I was wearing a skirt. Awkward... (Many cupcakes were needed to make myself feel better after that.)

It also seems bizarre that, last time I posted, I mentioned how cold I was. Now, it's only a few days into spring, and I already have a sunburn. (This does not bode well for the rest of summer. I have a feeling that I'm going to look like a tomato for the rest of the year. At least that wasn't the case in my yearbook picture... I don't even want to imagine the cross between a tomato and a hunchback. A hunchato?)Take that as a warning, dear readers- sunscreen is your best friend. (Unless you find tomatoes attractive. And if you do, please seek help, right now.)


  1. I would suggest a tomchak instead - sounds a bit more menacing. Hunchtato sounds a bit too much like a south of the border meal gone terribly wrong. Okay, I take that back - tomchak is alittle too close to upchuck!
    Funny as always!

  2. Tomchak makes me think of tomahawk or mohawk... and a haircut gone terribly wrong... Thankfully my hair wasn't affected.


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