Thursday, March 29, 2012

the joys of yearbook

So... the yearbook is finally done.


You might be wondering why I find that funny. Actually, I don't. I've said those fateful words about fifteen times now, and each time they have been untrue. There's always another wound to discover, something more you wish he'd say... That song suddenly came into my head and I have no idea why. But it seemed to fit, because every little edit I make is like a wound to my heart... -sniff sniff- (I know, I know, I have the best imagery ever.)

Note to everyone in the world, ever, I don't care if you're an Einstein-level genius: working as yearbook editor will KILL YOUR BRAIN. WITH A CHAINSAW. AND LOTS OF MUTANT SQUIRRELS WILL COME EAT IT. (Note this use of caps lock. I hate caps lock. It sucks. But I hate yearbook more.) (And really, if you're that smart, you should already know to stay far, far away.)

And yet... I said I would do it again next year. I think that's a sign that my brain really has died.

I think I'll just go hit myself with a hammer now. It's just as productive.


  1. I am starting to become concerned about your repeated reference to mutant squirrels. Is there something I ,as a member of the general public, should be concerned about?

  2. Yes, you should definitely worry. Watch out for signs such as foaming mouths and buggy eyes... and carry a crowbar to fend them off.


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