Friday, October 12, 2012

universally acknowledged truth


(Confession: this post was originally meant to be about random facts... then I started writing about tea... and I was unable to stop. I blame YOU, Jesse. And I'm at school, with no near kettle... sob sob.) Really, there is nothing that tea cannot heal. It's just happy-making. (And whoever said that adding hyphens to make new words is not valid is a LIAR.) 

So, for a lovely Friday... I thought I'd talk about my favourite kinds of tea!

1) Actually, the tea-makes-everything-better fact is a lie. (Sorry.) Tea cannot heal not having tea... because then you don't have any. (Logic: Zia's strong suit, right?) I'm almost out of my Ice Cream Cake type from David's Tea... Heartbreak is imminent.

Honestly, how can you NOT want to drink Ice Cream Cake tea? It's like a calorie-free milkshake with Neapolitan ice cream: there are sweet hints of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate all at once. MMMM.

2) My second choice: pumpkin chai, also from David's Tea

It's perfect for a rainy day; sweet and cinnamony and, of course, pumpkin-y. (More hyphenated words, yay!) 

3) Let's face it: we all know that clarity is not my strong suit. That's why I drink this tea!

It tastes like blueberries with a hint of spice. Plus... it turns BRIGHT PINK! How can you not want to drink something that's bright pink? 

4) Okay... so you might be starting to see a theme here. David's Tea= love. Dessert teas= love. Strawberry Shortcake? LOVE. 

This is a wonderful summer-afternoon-in-the-air-conditioning tea; light and fruity and sweet. The sad thing is that I have to go visit one of my friends whenever I want this one, because I don't even own it. (I love you, Sophia!) So I'm a mooch. I admit it. 

5) Love hot chocolate, but not the calories? Try this tea.

It's rich, and chocolate-y (hypens again!)... the perfect treat for a snowy winter day after a hike. (Ok, so I have not tea-sted that theory out yet, but I'm sure it would be! This is actually another one owned only by a friend... love you too, Kori!

Yet another universal realisation:  I could buy it online... my life is complete. (Some people online shop for clothes. I online shop for teas. Cool kid here!) However, while browsing their site, I realised that another of my favourites (English Toffee, it literally tastes like caramel candy!) has been discontinued... and that I couldn't find this one either. (So really, this realisation was pointless.) How could they do this to meeee?


Okay, I'll go sample some different teas later and I will feel better. (Universally awesome, in fact.) 

Happy Friday!(Linking up for High-Five For Friday here!) (And Alpha-Thursday here!) Do you like tea? What are your recommendations? 


  1. ERMAHGERD! TEA! I still haven't tried the pumpkin chai! i must taste it! I think my favorite is the sweet strawberry one xD mmmm and the worst = READ MY LIPS LOOLOLOL!

    1. YES! you will love it :D i want to try the strawberry one, omg, i need to go shopping.

  2. Yes, the tea must be very delicious.

  3. So I am definitely picking up some pumpkin chai for this weekend...

    Thanks for stopping by!!


    1. I hope you love it!

      no problem, and thanks to you too :D

  4. Oh my, Ice Cream Cake tea?? I'm in heaven! And Chocolate Raspberry Bliss -- sounds positively wonderful!
    Thanks for stopping by today!

    1. they're both so wonderful :3 yay for dessert-y drinks!

      you're welcome, and thank you :D

  5. All I am looking for is a greentea that doesn't taste like saw dust :-)
    Love the choice on offer here though.
    And of course hyphenated words are the way to go. Your logic is perfect.

    1. ooh, I hope you find one soon! David's Tea has a delicious lime-gelato one, if you like that :D

      and thanks, I certainly thought so ;)

  6. I always go for plain tea, have not try the different flavors, though I wonder about chocolate flavor tea, it sounds like a good idea but I'll stick with hot chocolate.

    have a great day.

    1. some chocolate teas are good (that one, omg!) but i find a lot of them not super chocolatey and a little disappointing :P i love hot chocolate too!

      right back at you :3

  7. Tea is definitely happy-making! So is a post about tea which I love! I believe my favorite is green, but I love lots of varieties.

  8. Republic of Tea...Good Hope Vanilla...yum... :)

    1. oooh, i'll have to check it out! the name sounds lovely :3

  9. I love pumpkin chai.

    And there is a yummy grapefruit and basil tea I had once that I remember the most clearly.

    I wish I would have kept the tag!

    Thanks for a totally fUn link this week.



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