Thursday, October 4, 2012

excitement takes many different forms

I wanted excitement... and I got it.

(Are you ready for a thrill? Drum rollllll...) Yesterday, I got to go the dentist!

(I bet that's more exciting than you were expecting!) My teeth now feel all squeaky clean...time to go eat some chocolate! However, I also learnt that I soon have to get my wisdom teeth out... so be prepared for chipmunk cheeks.

I felt bad for the hygienist, though... near the end, my mouth was beginning to foam as much as a mutant squirrel with rabies. I did not know it was possible to have so much spit in my poor little mouth. (Ok, so maybe my mouth isn't that small... some might even say I'm a blabbermouth... but still.)

...WAIT A SECOND. Maybe I contracted rabies on my earlier wilderness hike. (That might explain all the foam!) There was some quite dangerous wildlife...

Oops, wait, that was just us. I meant this little guy.

Who knows, maybe he was a poison arrow frog in disguise. Mud can hide a lot of things.

Also... you might be amazed by this but... I did fall over. (I know, it comes as a shock.)

Plus, there was a mysterious pool of water surrounded by a fence... horror movie material, right there. Perhaps it was a pool of biohazardous waste? Or maybe we'll all turn into dinosaurs? The forest did remind me of Jurassic Park... (That would actually be pretty epic.)

Or maybe I just have a lot of spit. Who knows.

(Also, all photos are courtesy of Claire! Go check out her lovely photography blog.)


  1. I see those mutant squirrels are back!

  2. OH MY GOSH, FROG!!! Haha that guy is a little muddy though.

    1. haha, that's for sure! we all were though, so it's all good :P


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