Thursday, October 25, 2012

hotel room blues

The problem with school trips: the conversation always somehow turns to boys, and experience thereof... and since I have nothing to share in that department, I turn into the girl sitting in the corner reading the newspaper. (Not that I dislike the newspaper... but really, there are cooler things to do.)

Still. We have arrived at our destination! Escape from the dreaded van! (Really, 12-seater vans are NOT meant for 12 people. I'm currently as flat as a sardine-flavoured pancake.) I am slightly deafened by the noise of girls singing along to "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"... Ahhhhh, team bonding. (At least I have hotel Wi-Fi, because it means that I can share all my excitement with you! The joys of modern technology; making it possible for the world to be bored together!)

Also: the hotel has a waffle maker. How cool is that? (I might be sleeping on a freezing cold air mattress, but where there is hot chocolate and waffles, there cannot be too much sorrow.)

 However, I just finished my newspaper...major sadface. Anyone have any exciting hotel room suggestions?


  1. Haha sardine pancake, awesome. The waffle maker sounds fantastic, that has to make the trip worth it ;)
    And as far as everyone talking about boys - trust me when I say, just listen so you can learn from their mistakes!

  2. Scavenger hunts all over the hotel; play tag in the hallways and rooms (not too loudly or you will bug the other patrons); sit in the lobby and take turns telling the history of each person who comes in - vote on the best; tell each others fortunes using whatever you can, makeup or whatever.

  3. Good luck in your basketball games. Another game idea - play what if. What if + something outlandish. Take turns asking each other.

  4. being in a hotel sounds fun. i like hotels. i never actually have a reason to be in one though. does yours have an indoors pool? you should have brought your bathing suit to play in the pool. pools are fun :3 good luck in your basketball games!!

  5. Haha, your narrative style is just too funny, Zia. I could go for a waffle right now! Or maybe 2...

  6. Sardine-flavoured pancake!! What do you eat, girl?! So funny!


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