Sunday, October 28, 2012

home sweet home (have I used that before?)

So... I'm home! Well, actually I was home yesterday... but the Van Ride Of Death (yes, captials definitely necessary) murdered my brain cells with a hatchet, so I was unable to do anything other than flop into bed. (Actually, that's a lie. I cleaned my room, because the dust bunnies were beginning to come to life and hop around and I was worried that one might leap right into my nose.)

As for the VROD (that sounds appropriately ominous, doesn't it?)... thank goodness I had my cellphone, because it enabled me to complain appropriately to as many friends as I could about how awful of a time it was. Let's just say it involved mass singing, false British accents, and more air-conditioning than seemed strictly necessary. (Fact: in a van full of girls, there's always someone who's too hot or too cold. There is also, much to our male coach's chagrin, someone who has to pee every five minutes... that was generally me...)

Moving on, though, before I stew too much- better to block it out of my memory altogether. On to happier things... such as, the mad skillz of the girls playing. I was seriously impressed. YOU GO, GIRLS! (So probably none of you will ever read my blog, or know who I am if you do... whatever, just pretend this applies to you, because you're awesome.)

And okay. Admiring the local boys was pretty fun too. (For a town that sketchy, they were quite comely. See how I'm practicing my vocabulary still?) One of the schools we visited to watch a game at (that sentence seems ungrammatical, but it's almost bedtime and changing it seems like too much effort) had the most gorgeous uniforms, though... why is it that we get polo shirts, and they get to look like classy flight attendants? (Life is not fair.)

Best part though? The boys had ties.


This is why it's a good thing that I go to a small school. (Aside from the obvious fact that I wouldn't even be on the basketball team otherwise!) Were I to attend a larger institution (doesn't that sound lovely and prison-like?) I would probably be distracted by the comeliness of the opposite sex and not recieve the stellar scholar results that I do (see, such modesty, too!).

However, our coach (who grew up here) warned us to not even make eye contact with any of the boys... and not to stay out too late at night (in our thrilling expeditions to the grocery store to buy fruit!). I think that speaks volumes for the sketch quotient of the town. (I suppose that's why the girls got to have cute uniforms- have to make up somehow.)

Anyway. I'm home. Sitting in my own bed. Life is good.

How was your weekend?


  1. love me some boys in ties. mm-mm! haha glad your done with the VROD. Sometimes getting home is better than the vacation. haha

  2. you weekend seemed so interesting and fun! i was stuck at work xD

  3. Sweet - love your compliments to girls!!


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