Monday, December 31, 2012

here there be dragons

So, while everyone is busy posting about goals and resolutions... I thought I'd lend a little lightness to the atmostphere by posting about dragons.

Why dragons, you may ask? Well, I've always related to them far more than to those prissy little princesses in fairytales. They're just trying to get along as well as they can, stealing a few sheep here and there (and let's be honest here. Does anyone really like sheep that much? They're just like little balls of fluff. Characters in novels are always mentioning how tough their mutton was. Having a dragon around is far preferable, even if they do all get eaten... that way the poor characters don't have to suffer and lose a few teeth while chewing) when along swoops that pesky knight, trying to attain honour and glory by slaying some innocent creature. (You can probably guess what my feelings on hunting are...)

Thankfully, it seems that, although they remain an endangered species, not all dragons have been extinguished, as I had the pleasure to meet one this weekend!

Really, why would you want to get rid of a creature so sparkly?

(And congratulations random strangers. You're now immortalised on my blog.)

This is exactly why travelling with my parents, down and through random castles, is enjoyable- you never know what you might discover and, while unrealistic, pretending to be a princess as I wander aimlessly is quite fun as well.

While I wasn't meeting mythological creatures...there may also have been even more shopping. Just a teensy bit. (OMG that's such a lie. Just ask my father, who managed to be marvellously patient throughout all the "oh-just-one-more-store"s and "this'll-just-be-ten-minutes-I-swear"'s- love you, Dad!

Oh, and because no weekend of travel is complete without a soundtrack, here's the song currently being overplayed on my iPod:

Saturday, December 29, 2012

travelling through the snow

I'm sitting on a hotel room bed in my favourite city while my mother watches Extreme Couponing. The first part of this sentence is exciting; the second, not so much. (What is wrong with these people? It looks like they're preparing for the zombie apocalypse!) Amazingly enough, this time our hotel is not sketchy! (Not yet anyway... we do have one more night. And great, now Maroon 5 is going through my head...)

However, there was a problem. Remember that hotel that had a waffle maker? This one had a pancake maker. (Which do you prefer, dearest ninjas? I can't decide... BOTH!) I waited for like an hour and a half to  use it... before someone finally told me that it wasn't working. (Like seriously, you couldn't have told me this before? You didn't notice my longing looks? The sadness of my life..) (And as usual, I'm talking about food. I definitely have my priorities straight!)

So what are we doing here? Well, so far, there's been a lot of driving. (Round and round... mostly because no one knew where we were going.) There has also been a play. What play, you ask? Are you imagining something Shakespearian? In this case, no. (Although I do love Shakespeare. Except for Othello, because everyone is caught in a morass of stupidity and deserved their deaths. Yes, I am bitter- reading that in my English Literature class might have scarred me for life, much like the time my parents forced me to drink a glass of milk. These moments were both equally awful.)

Omg, I totally forgot what I was writing about. What I was getting to: the play we saw was a spoof of Snow White. Actually, Snow White + James Bond. What could be better? Also, there were cute boys who were dancing to "I'm Sexy and I Know It" in pink velour suits... just the icing on the cake! (Does that sound bizarre? It was legit hilarious.)

Oh, and there has been MAJOR shopping. Haul post coming up soon? I think so! (No more spoilers, though -wink-)

So how has your break been going? (I just realised that some of you are not on break and that question may have caused you to break into tears. If that is the case, I apologise and send you hugs and tea!) (Not the sip I just spit onto my keyboard, though- the Extreme Couponer's husband just said that her pregnancy was making her 'unfit to coupon'. I hadn't realised it was such a sport... If I'm going to keep up all this shopping, maybe I should try this out? New way to exercise!) (Omg, they just said she spent over 10 hours at the store. And is freaking out that she has to spend 56 cents. What's wrong with these people?)

Monday, December 24, 2012

hold me tight and let it snow

This post will be an exercise in speedwriting- we're waiting for our dinner guests to arrive! (As always. I can't remember a Christmas Eve they weren't at least an hour late- once we ate without them... yet we love them anyways.) It may also be slightly incoherent- I am absolutely famished. (For some reason work makes me hungry. It must be the effort of being polite. And yes, I worked on Christmas Eve... sadness)

So, last Friday... I mentioned I was snowed in. YES. This means... that there was snow! Legit snow! And there still is! My life is made. If nothing else had happened over the holidays I would have been content. (But stuff did... so I am over the moon.)

So, what do I decide to do in a snowstorm? Walk to Starbucks. One of my friends owed me a hot chocolate (I gave him my wonderful mirrored sunglasses- seems like a fair trade, right?) and we thought, oh, it's not too bad out... let's go!

Hahaha. Right.

We were soaked within five minutes of our walk. We were pounded by wind and ice pellets. And, believe it or not, it was lovely. We debated running away on the train, but decided that our remaining five cents- Starbucks is expensive!- wouldn't get us far enough.

Aren't we pretty?

(And so was his hair after our trip.

Doesn't he look like Edward Cullen? I looked like Medusa... reason there are no photos of me!)

Then, what did I find when I arrived home but... a package from Jesse! Video to come- a response to his, although I don't know if it'll be quite as good (cause omg that was pretty sweet) so I won't reveal too much... but let me just say, if I ever decide to get a tattoo, it might look something like this!

(Hahaha no. But I do like the placement! This was my happiness touchstone during work... I just looked at it and reminded myself that people do love me and that I am not the reason for the downfall of the world, as some irate shoppers seemed to think.)

At the risk of sounding cheesy and cliché... I love my friends and family. I believe myself to be amongst the luckiest people on Earth because really, they are all wonderful. I laugh with them, cry with them, steal their food and smack them. (But not too hard because they probably all have better reflexes.) I don't know why they love me, but for some reason they do... and I am absolutely blessed. My wish for you: that you can be as lucky as I am.

Happy holidays, lovely ninjas, and may all your wishes come true.

Friday, December 21, 2012

all dressed up with nowhere to go (also, snow)

My latest vlog, detailing the sadness of my life this evening.

Ok, so it's not really that sad but still. (I put that so that you'd pity me and watch it. Did it work?)

why did they push back the date. why.

Longer post tomorrow, when I've had some sleep + coffee + warmth (let's just say that today was one of the wettest days of my life) but for now:

The Great Gatsby + Florence and the Machine= omgIcan'teven...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

i wish...

Tis the season... for impossible wishes! 

  • well I think you can guess the first one (it starts with s and ends with now)
  • at the risk of sounding like an old geezer (not that everyone old is a geezer, just to specify) I’m certain there was more snow when I was younger
  • so I also wish for a time-travelling machine
  • it’d be nice to know if my prediction that I will be a crazy cat lady actually comes true

  • and also I’d really like to have a snowball fight with my younger self
  • or simply have friends who would have snowball fights with me because my friends are/were just lame
  • that I personally could be less lame sometimes (I mean really the word lame by itself is pretty bad) (and let’s not even discuss my burning desire to use sophisticated words) (okay at least that’s better than using “like” fifteen times a day)
  • that I was less hungry right now
  • seriously, the last period before lunch always kills me
  • that’s why I’m writing a blog post and not actually working on my English project- I WANT THIS

  • eggnog pie, like seriously, how amazing does that sound?
  • that unhealthy food was less tasty- or that someone invents a healthy chocolate, come on, we’re long overdue
What are some of your wishes this season?

Monday, December 17, 2012

snow days

Snow day (noun): 

1. a day during which the weather is so bad that the school buses are cancelled and students do not attend school. (What it is not: a day in which there is snow. Our schoolboard always seems to cancel it on the wrong days- today it's just really rainy- but hey, no complaints!)

2. a) a day during which highschool students sleep all day. (Hahaha, I wish.)

b) a day during which highschool students madly scramble to finish all the projects that they have due. (This is more like it! My project for the day was... wrapping presents! Here's before...

And after! Note that I'm only showing the front of the wrapped presents because the bottoms are really lumpy... penguins are probably better at wrapping than I am. I freely admit it.

As for how it went: I cut myself on the tape dispenser. And bled all over the floor. Other than that, great!)

 c) a day during which much procrastination occurs. (Also true. In addition to all this frantic wrapping... I ate chocolate. And drank tea. And read. If anyone can read French, you should check this series out: Le Journal d'Aurélie Laflamme. So funny. As in, don't read it in public because people might mistake your snorts for choking.) Oh, and I listened to this all day:

No, I was not staring at the video... just absorbing the valuable life lessons contained in the lyrics! There may also have been some (amazingly graceful, of course) dancing happening... just a bit. (As a break from the wrapping.) 

So that was my day. How's your Monday going?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

realities of my life

1) There is still no snow. (This deserves a sad post all on its own... but with the number of times I've ranted about it, I think I'll abstain for your sanity.) Seriously, this is Canada. In December. Did the sky not get the memo?

2) I am still socially awkward. Example of a conversation I had today with one of my coworkers:
Me: wait, so... that girl... what's her name... she was here like three seconds ago?
Him: -confused silence-
Me: you know, she's blonde? And works here?
Him: -still looking weirded out- Victoria?
Me: yeah! Her! and... yeah... I can't remember the rest now... sorry, that was kinda pointless...
Him: -shakes head and walks away-

...what can I say, it takes time for me to grow on people. (Somewhat like moss.)

3) I can now drive! As in... by myself... WATCH OUT WORLD! (Actually, I'm not a bad driver. Just not skilled at parking. Or three-point turns. However, I do drive a huge van- think Mystery Machine, but less cool- so on the plus side, if I ever drive a car, I'll be amazingly skilled... or I'll just over-judge and run into more things... Hmm.)

4) Whine whine moan moan, I work too much.

5) I know there were other things I wanted to blog about, but I can't remember what they were. (This happens often. Is this a problem for anyone else?)

6) After seeing me with my enlarged cheeks and lost-a-fight bruises, my supervisor decided to refer to me as 'chipmunk", "rotten fruit", "unripe tomato" and "banana". All my self-esteem has now disappeared -sob- (Haha, kidding, it was actually pretty funny... and at least I've recovered now!)

7) I've been accepted at a university! (What were they thinking, right?) So basically... I'm assured of NOT being stuck here for another year! (Yes, that was the first thing that came to mind when I opened the email... a little sad.)

So that was my life, in a list! (Everything is better in list form. It's a fact.) How was your week?

Thursday, December 13, 2012

waittt.... what?

I am now a triple-digit blogger! (The first image that flashed through my mind after typing that was of a person with three fingers. Like a fork!) 101 followers. What. I'm still in shock. (Best Christmas present ever.) Thank you all for reading along, commenting on my follies and ensuring that I don't feel entirely insane.

This was also a bit of a healing experience. Although my face is still not back to its usual foxy self (one of my friends, trying to comfort me, said "Right now, your face is normal, since usually it's strangely skinny..." That made me laugh, which made it hurt more... so it was a bit of a contradiction. However, last night a random customer at work asked me if I had recently been in a fight and broken my jaw... so hmmm, maybe it's obvious even to random strangers...) Ever since I realised that I had now crossed that vital threshold, I can feel my cheeks shrinking! (Logical healing by time? Nahhhh...)

In honour of this moment,  I decided to rename my 'Followers' bar. From 'lListeners'... you shall all become... "Blog Ninjas"! Isn't that just brilliant? (Linear progression: Followers-Listeners- Blog Ninjas. It might not have anything to do with the title of my blog, but it definitely sounds cooler.)

As the shirt says... keep calm and let the ninjas handle it. (Note that this is before the surgery. I debated sharing a photo of my currently overjoyed face, but seeing as I still have bruises the colour of highligher-yellow on my face... yeah, maybe not. Not quite ninja-worthy. Again, it really does look like I've been in a fight. Maybe I should give myself a black eye with makeup to look more impressive?)

Anyway. Thank you all, love you all, and wishing you plenty of snow! (Or, if you'd prefer, you could take some of our sun. I would be totally fine with that.)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

further random thoughts (because my head is still scattered... as usual)

1) Apparently laughing gas doesn't make me giggle... it makes me sob. I literally cried for about three hours afterwards for no reason. Scary...

2) So then I spent wayyyy too much time on Tumblr in order to actually laugh. But it was worth it because I found some pretty amazing pictures... such as this.

3) I am blogging right now because I don't feel like working on homework. /student of the year

4) This picture is kind of my life... and the reason I -coughcough- may have eaten an entire carton of ice cream yesterday.

5) Lizzie Bennet + Doctor Who= the best show ever. (Seriously, this has potential.)

6) I say that Twitter is stupid, but the real reason I don't have an account is because I would spend my entire day posting useless updates like:
  • OMG there was a spider. On the ceiling. And I don't know where it went. #saveme
  • I DON'T WANT TO WORK #everysingleday
  • So apparently our cat-proof doors are also me-proof... just got stuck in the basement.
  • Vampire Diaries is the bestttt <3 #icanteven
  • Further proof that I am destined to be a crazy cat lady: just got rid of all my stuffies but the cats.
(Is that even how hashtags work? I have no idea. Another reason I should never get Twitter.) 

Okay, so I have now procrastinated sufficiently (and given you a way to procrastinate too! I know, you're so thankful)... so I suppose I should go work on homework -sadface- goodbye lovely listeners!

Friday, December 7, 2012

letters after wisdom teeth removal

Dear Facebook: Why are you filled with a) updates from amazing dessert blogs that I just want to eat (but can't, because my mouth is in PAIN) and b) updates from Blogilates asking if I've done my daily workout (which I can't do for a WEEK because they cut me up so much).


I just want to suffer in peaceeee

and hopefully get some sleeppp

is that too much to ask?

Dear Mum: Why did you have to eat a grilled cheese sandwich (that took me like ten minutes to spell, proof that I am still slightly drugged) RIGHT BESIDE ME? Meanieee. However, you also stole a magazine for me (albeit accidentally) so I suppose I love you a little.

Dear Jesse: even though you don't like the teas I do WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?... you're still pretty cool... HAHAHA you wish. Loser posse buddies forever? (And yes before you ask I am still drugged, a bit.)

Also I am jealous of your photo skills. Like legit. Why can I not make cool faces like that?

Dear smoothie: OMG you taste like icing. Who knew that bananas + protein powder could taste so good? Are you actually filled with nutrients, or is this just all in my mind?

Dear Kori: loveee you, Book Jockeyy! (The name is growing on me!) Seriously, you're so gorgeous and confident and makeup skilled-filled and you attend Open Mic with me so that's like the crowning glory, right? My Christmas wish for you is that you will be able to recommence (is that even an English word?) fencing soon because you're A STAR.

And we've got to make a vlog like stat. (Once my face no longer ressembles a square because I don't want to frighten viewers away.)

Dear sky: where is my snow. I mean seriously. This is getting ridiculous. Christmas is in 18 DAYS, so get cracking!

And for the rest of you lovely listeners: I love you all! Thank you so much for reading, you make me feel special and lovely myself. I wish for you that you never have to go through this pain... although you might already have in which case I extend my full sympathy.

Happy weekend!


Thursday, December 6, 2012

at least I'm not the only one

It is a relief to know that, even without me driving, we have bad luck with cars. For example: last night, we blew a tire.

On the highway.

On my way to work.

(Doesn't that just add so much more impact like that? Or is that just in my imagination? Let me know.) Well, at least no one can say I'm not a dedicated employee. I SPRINTED from the highway exit. In general cases, that wouldn't actually be a problem (it's not that far, and I'm not in that bad a shape) but in my wheezy, germy state, I was huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf.

And did I get any sympathy from my coworkers? Course not. They all laughed. My supervisor oh-so-helpfully pointed out, "Why didn't you just call?"

...totally didn't think of that.

In other work-related news, it's beginning to be busier for the Christmas season and so I am no longer quite as bored! However, unfortunately for my waistline, everyone seems to be buying chocolate. (One of my friends recently told me, "It's like you're some chubby kid who sits in front of her computer and eats all day." Love you too, Erika! And I would just like to clarify that is not the case: it's just most of the day.) I mean really though, after watching 50 people go through my cash with chocolate and then having to tidy that area, all I want to do is eat. Show some consideration, peeps! (In the same vein, please refrain from showing up at my cash with 63 items 6 minutes before we close, then asking me to price-check every single one. I mean seriously.)

The worst part of all this? We still have no snow -sob- I think I need to move to the Yukon when I'm older... (Does this have anything to do with work? Not in the slightest. I just like complaining.)

Actually, that's not true. The worst part is that tomorrow, I get my wisdom teeth out... therefore, if there are no longer any posts on this blog, assume that I have died and been reincarnated as something that does not have fingers to type. (I'm hoping for a kitten or a platypus... OMG NO, a penguin! Then I can play in the snow all year round! Although I would have to eat raw fish... hmm, the jury's out on that one.) How has your week been going? Any exciting plans of that genre?

Monday, December 3, 2012

gifts galore

Why staying at home sick is bad? I am absorbed into a vortex of expensive loveliness...AKA Sephora online.

And other random sites, just cause I am a varied person.


Before I degenerate further into incoherence, I thought I'd share some of my favourite items with you! (Yes, friends and family and random listeners who want to give me presents, I will gladly accept any of these... as in, will do a dance of joy and love you forever.)

OMG sparkles. That is all.

This is the colour set I've been wanting for a while; it seems both summer- and winter-appropriate.

Let's face it: what girl interested in makeup DOESN'T want this palette? So lovely. 

Revlon Ionic Ceramic Pro Stylist: This is actually relevant. (I put the name because frankly, they all look the same...) I need one for university that doesn't take an hour to dry my hair/leave it deadened and dried like spaghetti. (Okay, maybe not quite that dramatic, but still...) (Is it sad that I looked this up on Consumer Reports? Maybe a bit...)(In ANOTHER note, why are they all so expensive?)

OMG. This tea has jellybeans. Can you get any cooler?

The library might have this book... but I have a feeling it's one I could reread, and carry around with me, and just.. LOVE OMG THIS IS SUCH A GOOD BOOK.

Checkmate! (Who needs to play chess when you can have tea?) This just looks scrumptious. Coconut, and the pretty little flowers... mmmm.

...And there's so much more, but let's start with this. (On the plus side, finding all this for myself led me to discover the perfect gifts for a few friends, so I can tell myself I've been productive!)  What's on your wishlist?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

questions that have no answers... except they do!

More questions and answers? Yes. Just because they're fun. (Plus I told Jesse I would, and I am a good friend, right peeps?)

What size is your bed?

Single? but I need a bigger one... there's just so many stuffed toys I share it with

What is your song of the week?

This is kind of embarassing...

but Little Things, by One Direction.

Yes, you can shoot me now. 

I'm also loving everything Ed Sheeran, if that helps? (In my defence, it was written by him.)

Plus, Jesse sent me this video and I'm obsessed with it:

Just gorgeous. 

Would you bury treasure if you had some?


Are you afraid of heights?

Not really... like, I'm not super fond of balancing on things (like those high ropes courses) because I have the balance of a drunk toddler (no I have no idea where that metaphor came from) but in general they don't bother me.

Do you sing in the shower?

I sing EVERYWHERE. Public, private, it doesn't matter. Let the music continue!

Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes. Oh my, yes. (Read this post for more info on my ghosts.) I think there are many things that exist both seen and unseen around us. 

What was the worst injury you had?

I've had a couple of broken fingers, but that's basically it. 

Coffee or tea? why?

BOTH. They're both so delicious! (I like tea better when I just want a hot drink, and coffee when I want caffeine.) I'm drinking cookie dough tea right now.... mmmm.

Are you patient?

LOL no. 

What was the last text message you sent?

"Omg I was so jealous when I saw it! I am totes buying it next year when I'm at uni if it's still offered! (Who cares about food when you can have tea? XD)" 

(Just to clarify: I was talking about the David's Tea Advent Calendar. Feel free to send it my way as a Christmas present peeps! -wink-)

What do you want for your first tattoo/what was your first tattoo?

Do I need a tattoo? This question seems very discriminating!

LOL, just kidding, I don't know if I want a tattoo or not... the idea is intriguing, but it's just so permanent- it would have to be something super meaningful. 

So there we go. Did you learn anything new? Were you surprised by any of my answers? 

Friday, November 30, 2012

the cool factor of chemistry (yes you read that right)

Now, as you know, there are three science options in highschool: Biology, Physics and Chemistry. I think you've all heard my opinions on the first two, so I thought I'd write a post about chemistry!

Reasons Chemistry Is My Favourite Science
(Note the capital letters- this is some serious stuff. Note also that I have yet to complete my lab report... so I may not be so excited soon...)
  • No dead things. After my trauma in biology last year... I think we can all agree that NOT needing to do dissections is a simple and often overlooked joy. 
  • Naming components. Learning how to name the different parts of molecules is like learning another language! A nerdy one perhaps, but a language nonetheless.
  • Possible explosions. Okay, so it is highly unlikely that we'd actually be allowed to make a bomb (I'm pretty sure there are laws against that) but the potential is always there. Plus, we do use Bunsen burners... so you could always burn some hair off! (What a joy.) 
  • Food colouring. Seriously. Adding food colouring to something makes everything cooler. It is a Well-Known Fact. 
Today, we made solutions with sucrose (aka: sugar + water) and left it to spin (with an automatic spinner! Again, how cool can you get?) during math class. The division between the Cool Chem kids and the Lame Non-ones was immediately clear; us CC's were super excited/distracted/kept leaping up to add more sugar and see if it would still dissolve (good thing our chem teacher is also our math teacher and could see the excitement, or she might have been a bit frustrated).... and the LNs didn't even look at it. (Come on, guys. It was a break from learning about trigonometry equations. Take what you can get.) 

And, just because I know you're all soooo thrilled, here are some photos for you! (Just so that you know I'm not just making this up.)

Just look at those faces!

WHIRLPOOL! Watch out, there might be sugar sharks? (Is that a thing? It totally should be.)

Again, major fascination. (Plus our teacher looking on all proud of our nerdiness.)

WHOA, just overwhelmed with excitement! I know, this made your day/weekend... I hope you have a great one!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

let it snow

Today -drumroll please- IT SNOWED.

like oh my gosh, guys, it snowed.

How to tell if you are a Canadian: this thought is actually exciting and not a source of terror. (Minus 30? PLEASE.)

Okay, actually, this might be more a sign of "How to tell if you are Zia" because honestly, no one else in my highschool seemed all that thrilled. It started during lunchtime, and I asked several people if they wanted to go for a walk with me, even offering the promise of a stop at the pizza or poutine place; the lure of fresh air might be negligable, but junk food rarely is... but even that was not enough of an inducement. (Thanks guys. I love you all too.)

So, instead of being constrained by their lameness, I headed outside to, as one boy put it, "frolic" in the snow. A random photo shoto ensued. (Apologies for the no-makeup face... I hadn't realised there would be so much excitement!)

From almost no snow...

To the beginnings of a BLIZZARD!

(Okay, not really, but still.) Look at this. Seriously, it's beautiful.

I had to fulful my frolic duties, after all!

Good thing I went out, too... because how much is there now?



Hopefully I'll dream of snow tonight and it will be there when I wake up.

What are your thoughts on snow?

Monday, November 26, 2012

vlog no. 2, in which I muse about tea and... stuff

Come on. That title definitely makes you want to watch it. I dare you.

Some musings about this one:

1) what was up with my hair near the end? It was like this weird, cloudy lump behind my head... I think this happens often and I just don't notice...
2) I managed to cut it a bit! I know the transitions are jerky, but I thought at least this way you weren't subjected to too much awfulness. (Random= good. Blabber= bad.)
3) it's kinda dark... I swear, my room is not some den of iniquity wherein there are no lights. Promised.

Anyways, I hope this helped brighten your Monday! Are you tempted to go drink tea now?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

facts about me (fascinating title? I think so)

Well, the lovely Kori over at The Musings of an Awkward Panda recently nominated me for an award... and yes. I am actually doing it. WHOOT! So, here go the FACTS. (100% true. Promise.)

1) I went through a soup-hating phase for about two years. (Like, no soup. At all. Ever.) This just ended about two weeks ago. (As you can imagine, my friends and family were greatly relieved.)

2) When I was in preschool (so, like two) the teacher told my parents that I was developmentally handicapped because I couldn't use scissors. (However, I still can't, so maybe she was right...)

3) Salad, chocolate and grilled cheese sandwiches are my comfort foods.

4) I LOVE SNOW. Like, so much. I nearly cried yesterday because it started snowing while I was at work and I couldn't get outside to see it... and then it was gone by the time I finished. Saddest moment of my life.

5) On a slightly related note, I cry all the time. You may have noticed I'm an extremely dramatic person... my highs are Everest-high and my lows are Marianas Trench. (Except not the band- them I adore.) So basically I'll be sad/angry/stressed about something, will have a huge sob-fest, and then will feel fine. (Until the next sobfest...)

6) I love stamps. There's just such a variety, and they're all so pretty! (This cropped up in a convo with Jesse... the things we talk about...) Stamp designer... Another job possibility? I think so -wink-

7) It drives me absolutely insane when people play with their hair. Like, I can't even look at them without wanting to scream. (I understand if you're fixing it or hand-combing, but not just random fingering. Ew. Stop.)

8) I'm pretty depressed right now because I think I have to start taking iron supplements again... seriously, they taste like eating a melted spoon. (I would guess.) GROSS.

Now, onto the questions! (Yes, I know there were supposed to be 11 facts. Shhh...)

-Guilty pleasure?
Chocolate? Junk food in general? haha, I'm so predictable. 

-3 bad habits?

1) picking at my nails
2) talking too much
3) eating when I'm not hungry

-Favourite TV show(s)?

Well, I think you've all heard about these multiple times (and will again, muahaha) but Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who, New Girl, The Mindy Project and Sherlock. 

-Favourite fast food joint?
Starbucks? Does that count? I'm not really a fast food girl... vegetarian, not so much. 

-Place you would most like to work?

HarperCollins publishing house, omg. I have no idea why, but it's been a dream of mine for several years.

-Apple or Blackberry and why?

Hmmm... both? I love my Blackberry phone, but I also love my iPod nano (the old, cool kind, without a touch screen.) 

-Whip out your iPod and stick it on shuffle. The first 5 songs that come up are what?

1) Your Star- Evanescence (what can I say, I went through an emo phase)
2) All The Rowboats- Regina Spektor (an album I downloaded and never really got into... I do that often)
3) Utopia- Within Temptation (VAMPIRE DIARIES SONG LOVE)
4) Return The Favour- All Time Low (I don't even remember this song)
5) Pretty Baby- Vanessa Carlton (I actually hate this song. Why is it on my iPod? DELETE)

-Do you swear? If so, how badly on a scale of 1 to 10?

Like, 1? I try not to... sometimes I swear in my head, and I've noticed myself doing that more often (blame being surrounded by teenage boys) but I do really try not to. 

-Favourite endearing animal?

Penguins, platypus, kittens, owls. (They're just TOO CUTE. Don't ask me to just pick one, come on!) 

-Favourite sport to watch?

None... -hides under the sofa from sports fans the world over-

-Views on pop culture music?

I like a lot of it -hides once again- but I don't like listening to the radio... like seriously, some nice shallow music is fine one or two times a week, not constantly. 

Some artists really annoy me though... like Lady Gaga, seriously, ughhh. 

...and there you are. This is me. Now, onto YOU! I'm not going to tag anyone specific, but if you'd like to, I'd love to hear some random facts about you. (And seriously, I think my questions are pretty cool, so ANSWER THEM.) Here are my questions:

-Ninjas or pirates and why?
-Who's your dream concert?
-What moment do you want to relive?
-What's your opinion on emoticons and text words? 
-What's your favourite word?
-What made you choose your current job?
-Pet peeve?
-Would you like to know what it would be like to be someone of the oposite sex for one week?
-What's your belief system?
-What's your first memory?
-Favourite thing to cook?
-First thing you notice about people you're attracted to?

You know you want to answer, dearest listeners. I dare you. 

sad but true

My conversation with my mother this morning as I make myself a salad:

Mum (watching me): Don't you only work at 12? You're so early!

Me: Well, you know, I like to be prepared...

Mum: The Internet's still down, isn't it?

Me: did you guess?

(In my defense, I WAS waiting to fulfill my daily dose of Blogilates... but still. I admit that this is a little bit pathetic. Does this ever happen to you?)

Friday, November 23, 2012

finally it is over

(Beware. I have been vibrating with fatigue all day. I passed out in the metro and some random old man poked me in the shoulder because he thought I'd miss my stop... needless to say I pretended not to understand English, because that's just what you do in that kind of situation, right? But anyway. If this post is incoherent, now you know why.)

Today was... drumroll please... the last in my series of university visits! Yes, I am finally done with tours and with... okay I can't think of anything else, but whatever, it's ALL done. I am now up to NINE campus visits- I think that might be some kind of record- can I have a medal? (Or even just a free meal. I keep being so hungry... that's definitely not something I will miss...) However, out of all of these visits, I've narrowed it down to three universities I'm actually interested in! (Okay, more like I LOVED these three and didn't like-in some cases even hated- the others.)

Today's visits were... a little bit strange, to say the least. Just being on the metro was actually an interesting situation. During one of our trips, right beside me, there was a group of people discussing the store I work at. (Like, in detail.) No one talks about where I work! No one even visits us there! (The sadness of my life.) Although we were the ones being the rulebreakers... as in, HOLDING THE DOOR OPEN. Gasp, right? How dare we? Apparently we could even have been fined for this.

What can I say, we're just such rebels. And then... we entered the university, and what's the first thing I see?

'Amiante' is French for 'asbestos', for those of you not in the know. Do I really want to go somewhere that has this label on the one of the doors? Not so much.

At least I managed to stop for coffee along the way. (Mochas make everything better.)

(This photo is dedicated to one of my friends, who took this picture for me despite assuring me several times that I was being 'lame' and that 'no one takes random pictures of themselves with coffee, even if it is for a blog!'... you can tell she isn't a blogger. Also I just realised that everywhere I go, I either have photos of myself with coffee or wearing crazy glasses... what can I say, it's my theme.)

Okay. So it is now after seven pm and I judge it time to go to bed. (There was no Vampire Diaries this week... I was so sad...) Goodnight world, and have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

absolute anticipation

Right now, I am being my usual cool self... and working on UNIVERSITY SPREADSHEETS! (Is it sad that I'm actually excited by this... nahhh?) I'm sure that, when I'm older, I will be impressed by my own work habits... or maybe I'll just think, wow, I used to be kind of a weirdo. (Which is a word I need to banish from my vocabulary. It sounds so unsophisticated. Any suggestions?) I worry about what my future children will think... LOLZ JOKES, I'm never having kids, so no worries!

Anywayyyys, all of this planning-my-future deal is no use if I don't have a concrete idea of where I might head after, right? So, I decided to compile a list of jobs I could do in the future!

  • Paleontologist. If you think I'm obsessed with dinosaurs now, trust me when I say it's NOTHING compared to when I was little. When I was two or three, I knew the name of every single dinosaur out there. (No lie.) I carried little dinosaurs around with me and corrected store owners when they said the names wrong (1- I have no memory of this and 2- I seem to have been a bit of a know-it-all). All that to say that I think I could do a pretty great job... especially if I got to wear my dinosaur hat all the time!

I mean really. How is that NOT cool?

  • Writer. This would be, hands down, dream job of my life. Writing... all the time... Not talking to people... hanging out in coffee shops... (Okay, so obviously this is unrealistic, but let me have my dreams!) Seriously though, if I could make money off stories/blogging/poetry, my life would be complete. 
  • Ninja/spy. If watching James Bond and Spiderman allows you to qualify for this, then I am definitely ready! (Waiting for those job offers now, CSIS.) Honestly, as much as I love 007 (FINALLY got to watch Skyfall! I've only been waiting since SUMMER after all... seems like forever...) I think I would do a far better job than he would. I mean, blowing up embassies? Crazy car chases? Please. I would be far less conspicious. (Now remains only to select a cool alibi...) 

I mean, come on. How is that not a spy face? Wearing those around... I'd be sure to get the job done. 

  • Tea developer. How fun would this be? The idea of thinking up crazy new flavour combinations and/or names intrigues me. (However whenever I tell friends this, they're like... really? That's possibly the lamest profession ever.... For which I say only, SOCK DESIGNER.) When I live in a larger city, I actually plan on BEGGING for a position in a store like David's Tea. (Seriously, watch me. If I can't get one through an interview, I plan on simply hanging around until they get so sick of me that they decide to hire me... Hmmm, writing this down, my logic seems flawed.) 

Speaking of, my latest want is Earl Grey Cream from Teavana. Doesn't it look luscious? 
  • Editor. If I don't end up writing professionally (note the adverb, I'll ALWAYS be writing, even if no one ever sees it) I'd love to be able to look over other peoples'. I'm the type of person who actually enjoys replacing commas and offering suggestions on character development... or maybe this just means I'm a little Miss Bossypants. (Also very possible.)
What about you? What kinds of jobs did you dream of when you were in highschool?

Jenny Matlock

Monday, November 19, 2012

green with envy

Walking outside with a winter coat on and thinking "oh, the air is positively balmy!" does not equate to thinking the same in tiny shorts and a thin long-sleeved shirt, even while running, especially when one's iPod dies less than half-way through.

...On the plus side, that was probably the quickest run of my life.

What inspired this sudden frenzy of activity, you may ask? Well, for once it WASN'T the consuming of copious quantities of chocolate! (yay me!) No, in this case it was... the purchase of new clothes. (Let's face it, buying new workout gear just makes exercise so much more fun! Except that it stopped me from making a vlog today... I may have abandoned 'fashion' at school but certainly not over the interwebz.)

Yesterday, Kori and I -drumroll please- went shopping! (I cannot tell you how much more fun it was to be on the other side of the counter for once.) Here's my haul. (And oh yes, it definitely is a haul.)

First off I apologise for the colours... this is actually the cutest little bright lime green jacket from Sirens! (But NOT warm enough for November running...)

Also from Sirens, some nice comfy yoga pants for work... Can't wait to get out of my dress pants!

Heart earrings from F21 and jumbo eyeliner from Sephora (MY OBSESSION)... so maybe I wore makeup to school today? 

A new outfit from Lululemon! I love how durable and comfortable everything they have is. 

I'm a yeti! (Kori refused to let me buy this, the meanie. It was the softest thing ever.)

Mint jeans from The Bay! (They look extremely washed out, but they're actually quite perky and sweet, like a little candy!) You may have noticed the theme by now: almost everything I bought had some shade of green (bizarre, seeing as I own nearly no green...)

A fascinator that is gorgeous until you see the price tag... seriously, who wants to pay over a hundred dollars for a little hat?

Expect some model-quality (hahahahaha) pictures with me wearing these soon! Not pictured: my beautiful boots (because after all that running, the thought of going to get them from downstairs was just TOO MUCH) my facial wash (because I didn't think anyone would be all that excited) or my Christmas presents (in case one of the people I bought something for actually reads this)... yes, I did buy more things. (Never have I been more grateful for my job.)

Have you done any lovely shopping lately?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

things i think about on saturday mornings

  • OMG it's six o'clock why am I not up
  • I have to go get ready for school omg I haven't started math homework yet! -sitting up-...wait a second
  • IT'S SATURDAY! if I wasn't so tired I'd be doing a little dance in my bed right now
  • except I have to work...FOUR HOUR SHIFT! for the first time in like ever
  • ok I'll just lie here and pretend I'm a vegetable, I think I'd make a cute chili pepper... I should get a little green cap... And dye my hair red!
  • except my skin is already red enough, so it's okay
  • I should make a blog post about this
  • why do I make lists of blog posts and then never do them? they're so cool... then I write a post like this that doesn't even make sense
  • but then that is an accurate state of mind... this is me 
  • I should maybe be worried about that... OMG WHAT WAS THAT NOISE
  • oh it's just my stomach
  • because of course I'm starving 30 seconds after I wake up... not an earthquake, it's all good, I don't have to go rescue the kitties
  • good thing because they'd probably just run away 
  • yeah, I should probably go eat... but the bed is so warm and cozy and I love my blankets they're so cute, they have strawberries!
  • okay fine, I'll get up now.
Too bad there can't be fancy squiggly charts on Blogger, because that would really represent my thoughts more accurately... plus I had a radio soundtrack playing at the same time. (Mostly Imagine Dragons.) Is this what you do in the mornings too?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

epiphany of the year

This week, I came to an important realisation. I used to be that girl who dressed nicely on every occasion. I was never seen outside the house in sweatpants or without makeup. I did my hair (okay. I tried. I should get an A for effort).

However, I just realised... after this year, I'm never going to see these people again. There is absolutely no one I need to impress here (except for myself, and let's face it, I already know I'm amazing). Therefore, I no longer need to expend any effort on looking good.

Bring on the sweatpants, baby!

(Or, in this case, the shapeless cargo pants that are as wrinkly as elephant skin and the tent-like polo shirt... although actually, that's what I've had to wear all along. It's just that it no longer has the power to bother me.)  The one thing is, seeing as the girl's uniform is the same as the boy's, I'm worried that without makeup I might be mistaken for one... Time to break out the huge and sparkly earrings!

On a slightly related note, I am pleased to announce that I can now eat watermelon-flavoured gum once again! For a while, I was using watermelon-scented deodorant, and whenever I had any it gave me the impression that I was licking my armpit... not so pleasant.

Oh, and don't worry- I am still wearing deodorant. I'm not quite that far gone. (Yet.)

And, on an actually related note (...okay, sort of, connected-ness is not my strong suit) remember me mentioning the construction on the school? Well, that's been going on for a while now, and I am in fear for my life. (So really, I should be trying to look good while I can... nahhh...) My hair is permanently filled with fallen ceiling dust (thus adding to that sexy hobo style) and everything hung on the walls trembles and rattles, making writing on the whiteboard a challenge. (On the plus side, if you get the wrong answer, you can simply say that your writing is messy because of the shaking and that you were actually right. I'll let you know if this works.) Plus (and this is the worst) they constantly blare bad pop music. (There is only so much BABY YOU'RE A FIREWORK this girl can take. My quota was basically reached the first time I heard it.)

In conclusion: I have to save up all my cute-dressing-skills for university, when I actually will meet new people... til then, I'm going to revel in my laziness.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

-insert creative title here-

I went to a yoga class last night...


I did not realise just how stiff I was.

However, at least I was not the person in the corner who fell asleep and kept snoring really loudly.

(It was pretty funny. I kept trying not to giggle and slightly failing, so it was like I was breathing really heavily and seemed even more out of shape than I actually am.)

That was comforting.

(I'm writing with lots of line breaks to make it look like my post is longer- is it working?)

Actually, it's kinda bugging me so I'm going to stop now. (Bugging. Isn't that an odd word? I'm picturing myself slowly mutating into a large insect... hopefully I'd be a pretty one, like an extremely large butterfly with crimson wings and iridescent eyes.) Seriously though, I have gained serious respect for all of you people out there who do yoga often... I do exercise nearly every day (although as I've mentioned before, it's largely counteracted by everything I eat, such as my -cough-row-cough- of Girl Guide cookies) but I am obviously not very flexible. (So I can't bend my knee to my chest. SORRY.)

Plus, I think that my outfit contributed to this failure. I didn't realise until after I'd left the house that my pants had a ginormous chocolate milk splatter (like, basically from my hip to my knee) so I had to walk around all day looking like a hobo. (SEXY.) Plus, I had attempted to braid my hair but little pieces kept falling out so it was like I had stuck my finger in a socket. (Even sexier. Mhmm.)

Also... maybe the reason I like dinosaurs so much (my shirt today featured one. It might have been the most adorable thing ever) is because we share a similar skill at flirting.

This is my life, dearest listeners.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

sunday confessions

1) I think Ì'm addicted to blogging. Like seriously. Whenever I don't do it for a few days, I start feeling withdrawal. (I figure this is a healthy enough obsession, so I'm not too worried... but still. I will monitor the progress of the infection closely.)

2) Let's face it, this bathroom stall basically makes me want to go to this university.

3) "Zia is so cool!" said no one ever. Do you ever wish you could just change your personality? Even if it was just for a day? If I could, I'd be so much more confident, so much more calm, think so much less, just be so... different. I like me, but sometimes I just can't stand being in my head.

4) I've been tired for over three weeks now... I'm beginning to become accustomed to the dizzy spells and confusion. (...This is not healthy.)

5) Isn't this the coolest restaurant glass ever?

Plus, the walls were all steampunky. (Another reason I love cities, oh my, décor other than brick walls...)

6)Why are there so many universities I have to love? Right now there are three that I desperately want to attend... and I still have one more to visit. There should be a cloning machine... so that I can go to all of them... but somehow I don't think the world needs any more Zia.

7) I pretend to be so confident about it all, but really I'm so scared... I'm not worried about leaving home, but I'm worried about who I'll be when I get there. I'm so used to being 'the girl who writes' but once I'm in English, I won't be the only one anymore. I won't be the best like I'm so accustomed to. What if I'm just not good enough?

8) This is my current favourite song (so, for a day or two...)


So yay for angsty, late-night word vomit, right? How are all of you doing?