Monday, December 3, 2012

gifts galore

Why staying at home sick is bad? I am absorbed into a vortex of expensive loveliness...AKA Sephora online.

And other random sites, just cause I am a varied person.


Before I degenerate further into incoherence, I thought I'd share some of my favourite items with you! (Yes, friends and family and random listeners who want to give me presents, I will gladly accept any of these... as in, will do a dance of joy and love you forever.)

OMG sparkles. That is all.

This is the colour set I've been wanting for a while; it seems both summer- and winter-appropriate.

Let's face it: what girl interested in makeup DOESN'T want this palette? So lovely. 

Revlon Ionic Ceramic Pro Stylist: This is actually relevant. (I put the name because frankly, they all look the same...) I need one for university that doesn't take an hour to dry my hair/leave it deadened and dried like spaghetti. (Okay, maybe not quite that dramatic, but still...) (Is it sad that I looked this up on Consumer Reports? Maybe a bit...)(In ANOTHER note, why are they all so expensive?)

OMG. This tea has jellybeans. Can you get any cooler?

The library might have this book... but I have a feeling it's one I could reread, and carry around with me, and just.. LOVE OMG THIS IS SUCH A GOOD BOOK.

Checkmate! (Who needs to play chess when you can have tea?) This just looks scrumptious. Coconut, and the pretty little flowers... mmmm.

...And there's so much more, but let's start with this. (On the plus side, finding all this for myself led me to discover the perfect gifts for a few friends, so I can tell myself I've been productive!)  What's on your wishlist?


  1. I'm not even going to get into my wishlist - but I'm happy you introduced me to this new glitter spray :D

    Also, I like when you skip school - it allows me to skip my own and we can just gab on the phone :P Productive gabbing, but still. xxx

    1. you're becoming a glitter convert, i knew it ;) and yay for random phone convos!

  2. I like days off of doing random nothings!! Haha. I could do with some Christmas shopping time too!! Great bits-I like the look of that eye palette, and the novel!!


  3. Love the justification for the Sephora spray "oh my god sparkles" and the tea looks sooo good, I'm dying for some pretty floral teas this winter but just seem stuck on coffee and hot chocolate!


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