Thursday, December 6, 2012

at least I'm not the only one

It is a relief to know that, even without me driving, we have bad luck with cars. For example: last night, we blew a tire.

On the highway.

On my way to work.

(Doesn't that just add so much more impact like that? Or is that just in my imagination? Let me know.) Well, at least no one can say I'm not a dedicated employee. I SPRINTED from the highway exit. In general cases, that wouldn't actually be a problem (it's not that far, and I'm not in that bad a shape) but in my wheezy, germy state, I was huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf.

And did I get any sympathy from my coworkers? Course not. They all laughed. My supervisor oh-so-helpfully pointed out, "Why didn't you just call?"

...totally didn't think of that.

In other work-related news, it's beginning to be busier for the Christmas season and so I am no longer quite as bored! However, unfortunately for my waistline, everyone seems to be buying chocolate. (One of my friends recently told me, "It's like you're some chubby kid who sits in front of her computer and eats all day." Love you too, Erika! And I would just like to clarify that is not the case: it's just most of the day.) I mean really though, after watching 50 people go through my cash with chocolate and then having to tidy that area, all I want to do is eat. Show some consideration, peeps! (In the same vein, please refrain from showing up at my cash with 63 items 6 minutes before we close, then asking me to price-check every single one. I mean seriously.)

The worst part of all this? We still have no snow -sob- I think I need to move to the Yukon when I'm older... (Does this have anything to do with work? Not in the slightest. I just like complaining.)

Actually, that's not true. The worst part is that tomorrow, I get my wisdom teeth out... therefore, if there are no longer any posts on this blog, assume that I have died and been reincarnated as something that does not have fingers to type. (I'm hoping for a kitten or a platypus... OMG NO, a penguin! Then I can play in the snow all year round! Although I would have to eat raw fish... hmm, the jury's out on that one.) How has your week been going? Any exciting plans of that genre?


  1. omg i hate when people come at the last minute, like seriously? we are closing!!! urgh! people these days xD then again, if I do it, it's completely fine! sorry for you tire, you walking to work, your wisdom tooth being taken out and your chocolate thing. ALSO, WE ARE CANADA, HOW DO WE NOT HAVE SNOW IN DECEMBER?! I AM DISAPPOINTED IN YOU.

    1. exactlyyy! lol, people these days, we're oldsters xD

      and omg ikr? what is wrong with this country.

  2. good luck with the wisdom tooth!
    my dad blew a tire to come pick me up from a dance performance at school a few months ago, and of course he didn't call so i was stuck with my teacher for 1hr while we wondered where he was... i feel your pain. kinda.

    1. thanks :3 and ughhhh, awkwardness :/ blowing tires is no funnnn

  3. Ahh there's no snow where I live as well! The majority of England has had it bar my town grrr!
    Don't worry, I wouldn't have thought to have called up either ha! & customers always come in the shop and ask me to make them a sandwich AFTER I've put away all the meat and covered up all the salad, LIKE WHY DO THAT?! Agh. Really angers me thinking about those stupid people that can't understand the shop is closed. And the boss angers me when she says "oh it'll only take you two minutes to make the sandwich, it doesn't matter if it's gone closing time!". Yeah it'll take me two minutes to do the sandwich but another 5 to put all the stuff away again. OMG I best stop or I'll carry on ranting.
    Good luck with the dentist!

  4. It will be great - a long weekend for you. Woohoo!


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