Sunday, December 2, 2012

questions that have no answers... except they do!

More questions and answers? Yes. Just because they're fun. (Plus I told Jesse I would, and I am a good friend, right peeps?)

What size is your bed?

Single? but I need a bigger one... there's just so many stuffed toys I share it with

What is your song of the week?

This is kind of embarassing...

but Little Things, by One Direction.

Yes, you can shoot me now. 

I'm also loving everything Ed Sheeran, if that helps? (In my defence, it was written by him.)

Plus, Jesse sent me this video and I'm obsessed with it:

Just gorgeous. 

Would you bury treasure if you had some?


Are you afraid of heights?

Not really... like, I'm not super fond of balancing on things (like those high ropes courses) because I have the balance of a drunk toddler (no I have no idea where that metaphor came from) but in general they don't bother me.

Do you sing in the shower?

I sing EVERYWHERE. Public, private, it doesn't matter. Let the music continue!

Do you believe in ghosts?

Yes. Oh my, yes. (Read this post for more info on my ghosts.) I think there are many things that exist both seen and unseen around us. 

What was the worst injury you had?

I've had a couple of broken fingers, but that's basically it. 

Coffee or tea? why?

BOTH. They're both so delicious! (I like tea better when I just want a hot drink, and coffee when I want caffeine.) I'm drinking cookie dough tea right now.... mmmm.

Are you patient?

LOL no. 

What was the last text message you sent?

"Omg I was so jealous when I saw it! I am totes buying it next year when I'm at uni if it's still offered! (Who cares about food when you can have tea? XD)" 

(Just to clarify: I was talking about the David's Tea Advent Calendar. Feel free to send it my way as a Christmas present peeps! -wink-)

What do you want for your first tattoo/what was your first tattoo?

Do I need a tattoo? This question seems very discriminating!

LOL, just kidding, I don't know if I want a tattoo or not... the idea is intriguing, but it's just so permanent- it would have to be something super meaningful. 

So there we go. Did you learn anything new? Were you surprised by any of my answers? 


  1. I was not surprised by the singing in the shower thing XD You sing at art class, lol, of course you would sing in the shower too! Also OMG IF YOU ARE BECOMING A DIRECTIONER I WILL SHOW UP AT YOUR DOOR WITH MY SABRE :O xxx

    1. haha, true xD singing just makes everything better!

      and kayyy, i won't xD i just happen to like a few of their songs, no worries, i'm not a crazed fan XD

    2. I'm slightly relieved. But you are still not allowed to play their music around me XD Also, I just realised this, but the title of this post is amazing and possibly made my day.

  2. tea advent calendar?!

  3. I have one tattoo of my sons name. If you ever get one make it tell a story. I am getting one more on my wrist and it has a great meaning. Also I can't help myself I love Call Me Maybe. Me and the kid sing it loud.

  4. ha! you're not alone sister.
    One Thing from One Direction is on my playlist. and usually i don't listen to boyband


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