Monday, December 17, 2012

snow days

Snow day (noun): 

1. a day during which the weather is so bad that the school buses are cancelled and students do not attend school. (What it is not: a day in which there is snow. Our schoolboard always seems to cancel it on the wrong days- today it's just really rainy- but hey, no complaints!)

2. a) a day during which highschool students sleep all day. (Hahaha, I wish.)

b) a day during which highschool students madly scramble to finish all the projects that they have due. (This is more like it! My project for the day was... wrapping presents! Here's before...

And after! Note that I'm only showing the front of the wrapped presents because the bottoms are really lumpy... penguins are probably better at wrapping than I am. I freely admit it.

As for how it went: I cut myself on the tape dispenser. And bled all over the floor. Other than that, great!)

 c) a day during which much procrastination occurs. (Also true. In addition to all this frantic wrapping... I ate chocolate. And drank tea. And read. If anyone can read French, you should check this series out: Le Journal d'Aurélie Laflamme. So funny. As in, don't read it in public because people might mistake your snorts for choking.) Oh, and I listened to this all day:

No, I was not staring at the video... just absorbing the valuable life lessons contained in the lyrics! There may also have been some (amazingly graceful, of course) dancing happening... just a bit. (As a break from the wrapping.) 

So that was my day. How's your Monday going?


  1. Rain day? Hey I'd take it! And wrapping gifts and eating chocolate totally count as being productive.

  2. Based solely on the thumbnail, that looks like a good song ;)

    And hey - you can't be worse at wrapping than me. My family has a history of wrapping things in garbage bags with ribbons (legit) in an attempt to make it festive.

    1. hahaha, my thoughts exactly ;)

      ...yeah, you win for worst wrapping XD

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    1. thanks! I'm glad you enjoy it :) I would recommend Jesse, Kori or Em's blogs (my followers) for similar content.

  4. Snow day for us too! With no snow at my house but apparently snow at my school! Sadly teachers email us homework to do, because we have required laptops at our school... :(

    1. yayyy! that's sad though D: you guys sound so much more academical than us!

  5. I really want to watch that video but it will have to wait as it's 5:30 in the morning and my boyfriend is asleep next to me.

    I, too, am a lumpy present wrapper... No patience. I want to hug whoever came up with the decorative gift bag idea.

    Last, snow days.... Must be nice!!!


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