Monday, December 24, 2012

hold me tight and let it snow

This post will be an exercise in speedwriting- we're waiting for our dinner guests to arrive! (As always. I can't remember a Christmas Eve they weren't at least an hour late- once we ate without them... yet we love them anyways.) It may also be slightly incoherent- I am absolutely famished. (For some reason work makes me hungry. It must be the effort of being polite. And yes, I worked on Christmas Eve... sadness)

So, last Friday... I mentioned I was snowed in. YES. This means... that there was snow! Legit snow! And there still is! My life is made. If nothing else had happened over the holidays I would have been content. (But stuff did... so I am over the moon.)

So, what do I decide to do in a snowstorm? Walk to Starbucks. One of my friends owed me a hot chocolate (I gave him my wonderful mirrored sunglasses- seems like a fair trade, right?) and we thought, oh, it's not too bad out... let's go!

Hahaha. Right.

We were soaked within five minutes of our walk. We were pounded by wind and ice pellets. And, believe it or not, it was lovely. We debated running away on the train, but decided that our remaining five cents- Starbucks is expensive!- wouldn't get us far enough.

Aren't we pretty?

(And so was his hair after our trip.

Doesn't he look like Edward Cullen? I looked like Medusa... reason there are no photos of me!)

Then, what did I find when I arrived home but... a package from Jesse! Video to come- a response to his, although I don't know if it'll be quite as good (cause omg that was pretty sweet) so I won't reveal too much... but let me just say, if I ever decide to get a tattoo, it might look something like this!

(Hahaha no. But I do like the placement! This was my happiness touchstone during work... I just looked at it and reminded myself that people do love me and that I am not the reason for the downfall of the world, as some irate shoppers seemed to think.)

At the risk of sounding cheesy and cliché... I love my friends and family. I believe myself to be amongst the luckiest people on Earth because really, they are all wonderful. I laugh with them, cry with them, steal their food and smack them. (But not too hard because they probably all have better reflexes.) I don't know why they love me, but for some reason they do... and I am absolutely blessed. My wish for you: that you can be as lucky as I am.

Happy holidays, lovely ninjas, and may all your wishes come true.


  1. Oh a embrace the cheesyness, especially around this time of year. I love your walk to Starbucks in a storm! So wintery. I hope the Hot coco was more than worth it.

  2. I love you because you can make me laugh so hard I cry, you're there for me those times I call you becaue I'm sad not happy, you love makeup and having a good time as much as I do, you'll go obscure places with me like Ribfest even though you're vegetarian, you put up with my singing, you play music even louder than I do, you're open to new things, and you are one of the two people I like spending time with most on this earth. You're wonderful-est. Merry Christmas. xxx

  3. Sounds like quite the adventure you pellets, I hope you weren't pelted too hard. ;)

    1. it was pretty great ;) and omg, I nearly fell over like 50 times... thank goodness I wasn't alone!


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