Thursday, December 13, 2012

waittt.... what?

I am now a triple-digit blogger! (The first image that flashed through my mind after typing that was of a person with three fingers. Like a fork!) 101 followers. What. I'm still in shock. (Best Christmas present ever.) Thank you all for reading along, commenting on my follies and ensuring that I don't feel entirely insane.

This was also a bit of a healing experience. Although my face is still not back to its usual foxy self (one of my friends, trying to comfort me, said "Right now, your face is normal, since usually it's strangely skinny..." That made me laugh, which made it hurt more... so it was a bit of a contradiction. However, last night a random customer at work asked me if I had recently been in a fight and broken my jaw... so hmmm, maybe it's obvious even to random strangers...) Ever since I realised that I had now crossed that vital threshold, I can feel my cheeks shrinking! (Logical healing by time? Nahhhh...)

In honour of this moment,  I decided to rename my 'Followers' bar. From 'lListeners'... you shall all become... "Blog Ninjas"! Isn't that just brilliant? (Linear progression: Followers-Listeners- Blog Ninjas. It might not have anything to do with the title of my blog, but it definitely sounds cooler.)

As the shirt says... keep calm and let the ninjas handle it. (Note that this is before the surgery. I debated sharing a photo of my currently overjoyed face, but seeing as I still have bruises the colour of highligher-yellow on my face... yeah, maybe not. Not quite ninja-worthy. Again, it really does look like I've been in a fight. Maybe I should give myself a black eye with makeup to look more impressive?)

Anyway. Thank you all, love you all, and wishing you plenty of snow! (Or, if you'd prefer, you could take some of our sun. I would be totally fine with that.)


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