Friday, August 31, 2012

me myself and i

So this is the last day of August. SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY ENDING, PEOPLE! Yes, a tear is falling as I write this. (A single, glamourous tear, just like a movie heroine. Not at all like how actual people cry, oh no.) I had a pretty wonderful time... brief synopsis to follow, but today duty calls (cashier-ing is pretty important, right?) and I will just post my last photo of PDA.


Because who doesn't love giant plastic dinosaurs, right? (All the while I was wishing for it to come to life... that would have been epic!) I will admit that I have not been the best at following this challenge... it was a good way to make myself post more often, except it didn't really work because I prefer to babble randomly rather than have prompts. (Which is a little sad.) Oh well, you have to try everything once, right?

I hope you all had a summer to remember (is that a movie title? no, never mind, I'm thinking of A Walk to Remember and OMG it's sad!) and that fall brings plenty of great memories as well!

(Also, wow. I just reread this post and realised I said 'right' about fifteen times. I apologise but am too lazy to change it.)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

openminded to oddness

It is a truth universally acknowledged that dancing is fun. (Okay, maybe it's not universal... but it should be! Just think of how much happier the world would be!) Another universally acknowledged truth is (or again, should be) that dressing up makes everything better. It logically follows that, when you dress up to go out dancing, it's one of the most enjoyable activities possible to girlkind... and in this case, logic did not disappoint. What was I doing, you may ask?

Why, Jane Austen dancing, of course!

Have you ever watched Pride and Prejudice? If not (and shame on you, go watch it now!) here's a quick clip to show you what I mean.

Yes, I can actually dance that. Be impressed -wink- The other night, there was actually a ball near us! Well, more precisely a reenactment- and the only reason that part is important is because reenactment= volunteers= cute boys... in Regency outfits. (Score!)

Let's just say... it was a lot of fun.

However, our merriment caused some of the other dancers to become alarmed- and not only because we were so confused that we kept messing them up... tripping over poles and each others' feet... dancing the wrong dance entirely... etc! By virtue of being the youngest regular dancer, I've become something of a pet to the others. (Case in point: both my dress and the hat I sometimes wear- which can be seen here- were handmade gifts from two of the other lovely members.) The shockingly forward behavior (in Jane Austen terms) we were exhibiting (read: shameless flirtation) led one of the other dancers to whisper in my ear: "Remember, Wickham was a redcoat!"

Now, at this point, you will either start laughing (or at the very least give me a smile, come on!) or stare at the screen thinking... what? To the second reaction, I have only to say again: read Pride and Prejudice! Or watch the movie! (You know you want to stare at a young Colin Firth.) 

Really, though, all you need to know is that Wickham was a Bad Man- not someone you'd trust farther than you could curtsey. (Does that even make sense? I don't believe so, but oh well.) Never fear, dearest readers. I was in no danger of losing my heart. (Only my shoes, since I stepped on my own toes so many times.) 

Moral of the story: dancing is fun and Pride and Prejudice is wonderful, kthanksbye. 

Jenny Matlock

And if this post doesn't count for my PDA prompt of 'something weird that I own'... I don't know what does.  (We're in the home stretch now! The full list can be found here!) What's your secret oddity? Are you a Jane Austen obsessionist too?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

back to the real (..okay, the blogging) world

After a lovely cardio workout (yay for basketball practice!), I feel much better about the whole school situation. (Now, don't be impressed by the fact that I am on the team.  Fun fact: yesterday we had our school gala for kooky awards, and which one did I win? Klutziest. Yes, that is the heritage I will leave behind.) There really is something to be said for a school so small that you don't even have to try out- there's not enough people who want to play, so you're automatically on the team! (Weirdly enough, I think a quarter of the ENTIRE highschool plays. And that's just the girls.)

Plus, I realised that yesterday I was supposed to talk about... my favourite books!

These are some of my top ones... but they're only the ones I own! Most of the books I love I order through the library. More of them can be found here on my Goodreads page.  Do you go on Goodreads? OMG it's probably one of my favourite sites! As I mentioned here, I love bookstores, so it's like a bookstore that I can go through while sitting at home eating chocolate! (Mind. Blown.) 

29- Bag

This is my school backpack. Isn't it the cutest thing ever? 

Pandas, penguins, platypi (platypuses?)- p animals are just the best. Plus, I'll let you in on a little secret: I got it at a secondhand store (SHOCKING!) thereby proving the adage that one girl's trash is another's treasure. What's your opinion of secondhand shopping?

I couldn't resist a chance to show off my lovely look today, either. Don't I look retro? 

Since lately I've been loving these three things... I also decided to link up with this wonderful party!

Go check out some more wonderful links- I'm sure the joy will help carry you through the week! And speaking of joy... Finding new blogs to follow is something I absolutely love doing. New and exciting posts... makeup ideas... DIYs... recipes... (procrastination techniques....)- there's just so many great things about the blogosphere! With that in mind, I joined these two wonderful blog hops!
About halfway through my following spree, my computer decided that I was a robot and started requiring a word verification every time. (You'd think it would have more faith in me after all we've been through!)
lala Lists
Why not join up too? You might find some new and exciting blogs, just like I did!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

first day of school

I interrupt August's Photo Challenge (yes, because I was so assiduous in following it, too) to say that... today was my first day back at school. (And I want to complain. Muahaha.)

Really, there isn't too much to say about this. It was basically the same as every other year. Same people, same hallway, same classes... except that this year will be my last. Am I disappointed? Sad? No, really I just can't wait to get out of here. Plus, there are without a doubt some advantages to being a senior.

-Getting to 'rule the school'...all forty people in it.
- Spares!...except that I have eight full classes.
-Getting to see my friends again... but everyone I actually wanted to see, I invited over during the summer.
-More freedom... okay, so I don't know where this actually comes in, this is just something I've heard. okay, maybe I'm not too excited about this. Did you enjoy your first days back when you went to school? (Or if you still do, of course!)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

a little story

Beware: this story may be confusing/odd/long/not really a story at all. Never combine writing with a longgg shift at work- you have been warned.

The soft shadows of dusk stretched their fingers across the playground, bathing the blue ground in a peaceful glow. Jenna closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Anything you can imagine is real. After reading the line on one of Tim's postcards- a generic, cheap one, to be found at any tourist trap, sent from India and Pakistan and Africa- she'd taken to believing it. What harm could it do, after all? In a worst-case scenario world like the one she so often found herself trapped in, she would simply remain on the ground. In the best case... well, she could fly.

And that was certainly something worth imagining.

Just visualise, her aunt's self-help books exhorted. Eyes still closed, she placed both feet squarely on the base of the... what was this, anyway? A swing? A ride? A....

Stop procrastinating and do it, she told herself firmly. She often found herself doing this, as though there were two parts to her personality, running on parallel railway lines inside her head. Jenna One was firm, driven; the kind of girl you wanted for a project, who could take charge of her own life.

This side usually lost.

Jenna Two was softer. She followed the easier path, drifting through life lost in her imaginings and caught between the thin blue lines on her school papers. Somehow this very insouciance made it easier for her to conquer her more forceful half. Why bother trying when floating was so much easier?

Because the journey is the most important part. If her brother, whose head was filled with nothing but dollar signs and briefcases, could travel to such exotic places- and be so tightfisted as to send back only cheap postcards, filled with such preachy sayings as that- she should be able to accomplish this one dream.

"What are you doing?" Jenna opened her eyes. A little girl stood in front of her, arms folded squarely across her chest. She blew an orange-scented bubble, and said firmly, "Big people aren't allowed on the turny."

Jenna met her eyes, noting the obstinacy in her gaze, and said, "One spin?" shocked at her own daring. The girl continued to stare at her, before finally nodding and walking away. Jenna One smiled; Jenna Two sighed and slipped both feet back onto the turny before she could be pushed off. Anticipation filled her, shining like a soap bubble above her head. At last, she'd done something right.

Spin, spin, spin, until all your dreams blur to shadow. Spin, spin, spin...

This is also my contribution to the wonderful linkup over at City Girl Gone Country and A Beautiful Day!

Sunday Snaps with City Girl Gone Country

Friday, August 24, 2012

why, naturally

....I'm posting a picture today! I would never do something so dastardly (I love that word, it's just so evocative!) as skip a day. Not me. Nope. ...right.

Anyway, the prompt for today was 'nature' and so I decided to post this picture!

This was taken during the hiking trip I talked about here. Butterflies are just so 'in' right now, I've noticed. (It seems slightly odd to mention an insect being 'in', but I'm not the one who makes the trends.) Clothing, art supplies... they're everywhere! (Thank goodness it's not wasps... somehow I have no desire to wear black-and-yellow striped clothing.) What's your favourite insect?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

the narcissistic view from my window

So... I know I'm still doing the photo challenge... but today I am cheating a little bit. I already took a photo of the view from my window (and it can be seen here) so I decided to, instead, give you all a quick view of what is happening through the window of my mind. (Yay for metaphors!) Follows a (somewhat complete) list of everything I've been thinking about recently... (Also it gave me the opportunity to, as I mentioned last week, use the word narcissistic in a title! because let's face it I can be slightly self-obsessed.)

-why do I keep biting the inside of my lip? it's all swollen and sore, and I don't know why it keeps happening, I think my teeth are in the wrong spot but I used to have braces so that can't be right
-maybe I just eat too much gum, 4 pieces a day is perhaps excessive
-but then I'd just eat more chocolate-covered almonds OMG they are my life why are they so good and why do they have so many calories? it's just sad
-also salted nuts and roasted veggies yay food!
-but also exercise, running is so much fun, I ran to the post office and I am so proud...why does no one ever send me exciting parcels? A MYSTERY
-and why is amazon so slow? My gorgeous phone case probably won't arrive for a month and I want to show you all the amazingness that it is
-it's British and we all know that British things are the coolest
-during the university tour the guide thought I was British because this was my outfit:

-aren't we cute? Yes we are and we look so university-ish, OMG I can't wait to be a university student, I AM SO READY and yet I will probably cry a river when time comes to actually leave but it is so thrilling
-school starts in 5, yes FIVE DAYS, and I work this entire weekend so I can't even enjoy it
-I will be bored, but I will have money (yes I think about this all the time and have even posted about it I think, but whatever you all probably feel the same, amiright?)
-except school doesn't even pay me and yet it is probably more boring (except for english class because I get to write on my blog, hahaha)
-however the thought of fall is exciting, I am sitting on the deck and dying of heatstroke right now
-why does my laptop generate so much heat? Is it going to spontaneously combust? OMG I'M GONNA DIE, you may all share my hat collection
-thank goodness my cellphone is not this warm or I would definitely pass out since it is always in my pocket
-although really, I don't text that much, I swear I'm not that annoying girl with her phone always in her face
-no I'm the annoying girl who's always holding a book
-OMG I just read Keeping the Castle by Patrice Kindl (go read it now, link to Goodreads provided) and it is literally my favourite book ever, I don't say that a lot so you know I really mean it this time, it is so funny that I CRIED and had to stuff my face in a pillow for fear of waking the children I was babysitting up
-THANK GOD I am an only child because I think I would be tired all the time if I had a sibling
-especially if they decided to spray Febreze in my mouth, that stuff is VILE

And now I'm out of breath and must stop. (Gag. Even the thought of Febreze is revolting.) What are some things that have been on your mind recently?

And, as usual for the Thursday, this is my contribution to Jenny Matlock's wonderful linkup!

Jenny Matlock

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

catching up

Good afternoon dearest listeners! (Side note: I always put a salutation, I've realised. Is this necessary? I don't know... it just seems empty without it somehow.) I have returned from my university road trip, and aside from an excessively sore bottom, am none the worse for wear. (A longer post will be dedicated to it later... it was actually super fun as well as being educational, and what's better than that?!)  Until then, here are the photos for the days I missed! (Obviously I am not meant to do challenges like this... it's kind of a fail. Sorry.)

17/18- My happy place and my favourite store

Okay, so I had to combine these two.. because I couldn't decide which place made me happier. (I am a total material girl. I freely admit it.) Sephora: MAKEUP. Indigo: BOOKS. Really, if someone started a store that combined these two things, I would love you forever. (My new life goal? Hmmmm...) Which one do you prefer?

19/20- Outfit/Reflection

I combined these two as well... because you get to see my gorgeous work clothes! (The worst part is the fact that my shirt is more flattering than my uniform shirt... which I return to wearing NEXT WEEK, I might die...) I've been spending quite a lot of time in this glamourous outfit recently, I'm both pleased and saddened to say. Pleased: MONEY! work experience! Saddened: soul-crushing boredom. Ah well, can't have everything, right?

21- Favourite object

lh;ihaef;gfd OMG, this wasn't hard. I am rapidly becoming a total cellphone addict... it's not even funny... the worst part is that I keep thinking I've lost it, then I have a minor heart attack. Case in point: I was talking to my father on it, then thought, wait a second, my phone isn't in my pocket. WHERE IS IT? This persisted for several minutes before I realised... wait, it's in my hand. (In my defence, I had previously spent eight hours in the car. Road trips turn my brain into green, scrambled eggs.)

And Little Amber- not a favourite OBJECT, in case anyone was wondering. He/she is far too alive for that! (He/she even has his/her own post here!)

22- Guilty pleasure

OMG (again... I probably use this acronym far too often) coffee is truly the best. This would be an amazingly  cute photo of me were it not for the random guy walking around in the background... (I mean really, if you're going to photobomb, can't you at least do it in an interesting way? Thanks so much.) What's your guilty pleasure?

Sunday, August 19, 2012

zoom zoom zoom

Hello dearest listeners! I'd just like to apologize- I haven't really been keeping up my PDA as well as I should. (You can determine my level of maturity by realising that every time I type 'PDA' I laugh a little bit.) The reason for this is... I'm going on a road trip!

Okay, so it'll only last two days. Major packing was still required. (As in... what if I don't feel like wearing that outfit? What if there's a zombie invasion and all my clothes become covered in brains and I don't want to get eaten? These kinds of considerations are Very Important.)

I'll just be off determining my future (doesn't that sound so much more exciting than plain old 'visiting universities?)... which may basically mean getting lost, being hungry and tired, and crying. (So a little bit like my last wilderness camping trip.) Who knows? After spending so much time thinking 'I can't wait to get out of here' I may realise that I want to stay locked up in my room for all eternity.

I hope you're all having a great weekend, and once again I apologise for such infrequent posting! Regular programming will return on Wednesday... perhaps by then I will have Decided My Future. (I kinda doubt it though. I have a list- of course I have a list, right?- of approximately ten universities and we're only seeing three. Whatever. It'll be fun.)

Friday, August 17, 2012

moony madness

For today's photo, I have only this to say...

Everyone knows the moon is made of blue cheese!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

mystification and meat (also, the alphabet is confusing)

It is a sad and little-known fact that I am incapable of remembering the order of the alphabet.

Yes, you may laugh now.

I'm not completely hopeless. I can remember up to about D. If it's a good day, I can even sometimes get all the way to H... but after that, I'm lost and have to sing the alphabet under my breath. (This makes finding books in the library excessively difficult. Sometimes I get lost within the shelves, thinking, "But I'm SURE J came after L! Where'd it go?" until a librarian takes pity on me. And yes, they laugh too.)

Why am I mentioning this? No reason in particular. Mainly because I wanted to linkup to Jenny Matlock's Alpha-Thursday...and I had thought of this great N post... before looking at her blog, and realising we were only at M. (Sigh.) And to add insult to injury, I can't even remember what the N post was about, so I can't even post it next week. (Double sigh.)

Jenny Matlock

Anyway, I will now get on with the photos for PDA! (The title of this post was supposed to be narcissim, as in I am too busy to post pictures and show all of you my wonderful life because I am lazy, and yes that's not really what narcissim means but it's my blog and I can be confusing and change the meanings of words if I choose!)

12- Maudlin clouds

This picture is actually the reason I've been procrastinating on this post. It's been super sunny and hot recently... the sky is completely blue... a bit difficult to take some pretty cloud pictures. Finally, I decided to, once again, simply use a picture I'd taken in Spain.

Even in this picture, the focus isn't really on the clouds... but I thought they looked gorgeous and fluffy, the kind of clouds you might like to eat.

13- A mysterious sign

I went to Ribfest the other day... Yes, I'll just stop there and admit the inherent weirdness of that statement. There are 2 questions that have to be asked here: why would I, a militant vegetarian, go to Ribfest? And why would my town have a Ribfest?... because we're Hicksville, guys. EVERYONE shows up at Ribfest. It's literally the event of the year. (As my friend repeatedly told me: meat brings people together. Oh-kay.)

Anyway, the point of that paragraph was (as usual, close to non-existent) that, while browsing the booths, we saw this sign and it made me laugh:

Really, taking a ride in a police car might actually be one of this town's highlights, just saying.

14- Mischievous best friends

 I think this picture basically speaks for itself. Aren't we cool? 

This one's a little more demure..  but equally as gorgeous.

(Yes, these are two different people, not just one who underwent extensive plastic surgery!) Happy Thursday! I hope your week is going well. What do you think of Ribfest? How is the weather near you?

Sunday, August 12, 2012

coolness redux

...Ok, so I don't even know what 'redux' means. (Hopefully it's not something obscene.) It sounded like a word a cool person might use... so I thought I'd stick it in. (You know you're not cool when... haha) Before I get my post started, I have a little public service announcement:

Amber would just like to say that he is far cuter than Darcy will ever be and sweeter besides. (Also, that Barbies are delicious... but I would advise you not to test that out.) He wouldn't leave me alone until I posted this and took a picture of him... but now that my duties as 'his person' are finished, I can move on to today's and yesterday's photos! (As always, the list of photos can be found here.)

11- Handwriting


And normal writing. Was anyone curious to see my handwriting? I will confess, I'm curious to see yours. I feel like you can see a lot about someone's personality by the way they write... does anyone else feel the same? Looking at mine, what does it say about me? (Do I really want to know....?)

12- The last thing I bought

I'll let you in on a little secret. You know how my house has ghosts? Well, did I mention we also have faeries? Yep. And not the pretty, sparkly Tinkerbell ones. Nope. We have klepto faeries. Who are constantly stealing fashionable things... like sunglasses and earrings. (One earring out of a set, which leads me to believe that they're then using them as necklaces.)

The loss of earrings is annoying, but the loss of sunglasses is slightly tragic. (Wouldn't want to start squinting and ruin my gorgeous makeup, after all!) Therefore, yesterday I bought some new ones!

These are my glamourous, Audrey-Hepburn-esque ones... In this picture, they make me look like a bug. I swear they're nicer in real life! (Especially since I tried on over 50 pairs. Sunglasses are SERIOUS BUSINESS.)

And my cool-girl ones. (Hence the redux.) I love how huge they are! What kinds of sunglasses do you have?

Friday, August 10, 2012

dislike is too mild a word

At first glance, this may seem like an innocuous image. Everyone likes listening to music, right? iPods are a good thing!

Well, appearances can be decieving. The subject of this photo is not the iPod itself, but the headphones. Namely, the fact that my ears were sweating so much while I ran today that they fell out several times. (How does the inside of your ears even sweat? Or, a better question: WHY?)

Instead of beautiful music, the final minutes of my run were accompanied by squelching noises (TMI?) as I tried frantically to put the silly things back in.  IT DIDN'T WORK. (Squelching ears: Totally unmotivating. Although I do quite like the word 'squelch'. It should be used more often.)

Does this kind of thing happen when you work out? Any other problems?

Thursday, August 9, 2012

love it or hate it: luscious locks

Today's PDA prompt: HAIR. (Or, to sound prettier: luscious locks!) My first reaction:...ughhh. I have to say, my hair is a bit of a bĂȘte noire for me. I have unfortunately never been one of those girls with perfect hair. I probably never will be. My hair will look gorgeous for a few minutes, then will resume its natural fluffy, semi-wavy state. (Why is it not shiny and smooth and gorgeous? Or curly and full-bodied? WHY? Just let me have a quick break while I crumple sobbing on the floor.)

Because of this, I try to do super easy up-dos...aka ponytails... most of the time. (Hopefully I make a cute pony!) Right now I'm addicted to chopstick buns! Easy to do and you're assured that there'll always be supplies on hand.

This is the video that I used:

I usually put in 2 chopsticks, just because I find it looks more symmetrical and prettier! Plus, it stays in super well. (I even wore it for jogging!) I also love sock buns. My hair looks so nice and full! (And again, it stays in all day with very little help.) Here's a picture of the look:

(This doesn't really do it justice...  It's actually bigger than that, haha!) It's perfect for people like me with long, fine hair. Does anyone else have this problem? What are your hair secrets?

Oh, and finally: a picture of me with my gorgeous blue hair!

I posted about this here. I loved it while it lasted... and now it's entirely gone. It was just so BRIGHT! I find dyed hair is a conversation piece, which is really fun. I also had purple streaks for a while, and I'm thinking of getting some pink. Have you ever dyed your hair crazy colours?

This is also my entry for Jenny Matlock's Alpha-Thursday linkup! You can go visit all sorts of other lovely L posts here.

Jenny Matlock

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

i love my kitties... most of the time

Ok, I think the title really says it all here. In case you didn't know... I have two cats! And they (although less than overjoyed) are the subject of today's PDA photos. (Not pictured: the tumble-furs they leave behind wherever they go.)

My models: Amber (aka Prince Rex-a-lot, so nicknamed for his habit of snacking on my Barbies)... and Darcy (aka Dingdong or Eejit Cat, so known because she is EXTREMELY stupid... good thing she's cute, sometimes).

Yes, Darcy frequently looks this shell-shocked. (And always this scruffy.)

Here's a slightly cuter (although equally as scruffy) picture. (She's cuter in real life... we totally have the non-photogenic thing in common!)

Amber, in contrast, refused to even look up or let me interrupt his much-needed nap. 

Happy Wednesday, dearest listeners! Do you have any pets? Do they eat your things or just generally act in a stupid manner?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

lost and found (aka i have a lot of hats)

It's Tuesday! And you know what that means: a chance to see the rest of my amazing hat collection! (Or if that doesn't excite you, it might just be a chance to go to work. I prefer to think about hats. Although today is actually my first day of work!) The prompt for PDA today was Something Found... and what can be more 'found' than a hat, after a long day of shopping? (You can find the rest of the list here, and the rest of my hats here.) Ready? Set? Go!

I'm a cute little kitty cat! (That's what the face was supposed to be. If you didn't guess, I forgive you.) My friend Kori at Awkward Panda Musings actually knitted this one for me... I wish I hat her skills. (Get it? Hat? hahaha!) 

For whatever reason, I always feel like a taxi driver when I wear this hat. IT'S SO SOFT... like a little soft, warm kitty! (Purr purr purr. I am currently obsessed with Big Bang Theory... does anyone else watch it?)

And this one makes me feel very Canadian! I can totally picture myself wandering around with polar bears. (Okay, so as you can possibly see from its hugeness, it's not even mine. I just like stealing my father's things.) 

Owl face! I love owls.... they're wise and cute at the same time. How many other birds can say that? This hat used to have tassles... but my cat ate one. (I think she was jealous.)

I'm a French Frog, and proud of it! This hat is a little awkward... it only fits on about half of my head, and requires extensive positioning to place it so that my ears are covered. (When you wear a hat half the year, these things have to be considered... Canadian problems.)

Last... but potentially best. This photo does not fully express the glory that is this hat. It has a HUGE pompom at the back and it is lined with super soft fuzz! I could just pet it all day. (Plus, it took me FOREVER to find the absolute perfect slouchy hat, and this one answered my innermost desires- it truly counts as the Something Found for today.)

So there you have it- my hat collection. (The sad part is, I have other ones too... they're just similar styles, so  I didn't bother posting them.) Is your part of the world cold enough to warrant winter hats? 

1 2 3 4, tell me that you love me more

Okay, so that title has nothing to do with my post... except it does, because Feist is fun and I'm posting pictures 5 and 6 today! Why did I not post yesterday, you may ask? Well, the answer is simple: I was too bored.  How is it possible to be too bored to post one little picture? I have no idea, but it was so. Yesterday I couldn't even READ. (You know there's a problem when...)

5- Something fun and exciting

What could be more exciting than... a trampoline??!! Seriously though, I could (and sometimes do) just spend hours bouncing around on the trampoline, thinking or talking with friends... okay most of the time I'm by myself, shush, it's not really that lame is it?

Ok, moving on... plus you may notice that my hair has abnormal protrusions, aka, CHOPSTICKS! I recently discovered how to put up my hair without using an elastic... and if that isn't thrilling, what is?

6- Someone I miss

Can you spot me? This was a picture taken at the French camp I went to in May. (And mentioned here and here.) Okay, so I don't know the names of most of these people... but I did make some friends, and most of all I really miss the atmosphere of freedom and friendliness, something that you see too little of in my tiny little town. I could be crazy there! (You, dearest readers, have already seen this side of me!)

Happy Monday, if that's a possibility, and stay tuned for the latest pics!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

pda... no, not like that

Today I am finally beginning the Photo-Day-August Challenge (Just four days late. It's not so bad, right?) set by my friend Jesse over at his blog Obsession is my forte. If you haven't checked it out, you totally should! He's hilarious! (I am such a good friend, I'm doing this despite the fact that he keeps thinking I'm 12 -sniff sniff- Just saying.)

Here is the list of photos:

1. Breakfast
3. Art
4. Something you made
5. Something fun and exciting
6. Someone you miss
7. Something you found
8. An animal
9. Hair
10. Something you don't like
11. The last thing you bought
12. Your handwriting
13. Clouds
14. A sign
15. Best friends
16. Moon
17. Happy place
18. Favorite store
19. What you're wearing
20. Reflection
21. Your favorite object
22. Guilty Pleasure
23. View from your window
24. Nature
25. Skyline
26. Take a picture and write a short story to go with it 
27. Favorite books
28. Favorite picture you've ever taken
29. Your bag
30. Something you own that isn't considered normal (I know you have something)
31. Yourself

Today (since I'm a little late) I'll be showing the 1st four! 

1- Breakfast.

Yay for mango smoothies! I'm on a smoothie kick right now... unsweetened almond milk + frozen mango + vanilla + protein powder= something that tastes like ice cream. OMG it's good!

2- Sunset.

...Ok, so this is a flower. Not a sunset. Whatever, it's a sunset-coloured flower! I actually took this in Spain and I love the way it looks like it's floating!

3- Art

This is actually another photo from Spain. There's a street there that is dedicated to statues made by Salvador Dali, and this one was my favourite! (Yes, they're just sitting there on the street... no big deal... we actually happened across them by accident!)

4- Something I made

This is one of my favourite art projects I've ever done. (Plus, there was no blood involved... always a bonus.) Idea credit goes to someone else- I saw a similar picture on the Internet, and would provide a link if I could remember where- but production is all yours truly. Because sometimes, I think with my heart and not my head... don't we all?

Stay tuned for tomorrow's exciting photo, and feel free to join in!