Thursday, August 2, 2012

why are stores' lighting so weird?

Yesterday, I went on a shopping trip... to Costco! (What an exciting life I lead.) I actually love shopping there- so many super-sized possibilities. (Except my friend refused to push me around in the cart. Come on. I was really looking forward to that part...) Coffee! Vitamins! (Because they're just so thrilling. Who doesn't love their over-sugary, slightly goodness? Although it could be worse... I could have to continue taking iron, which is similar to drinking a spoon. Gag.) And best of all... protein bars. I am now stocked for the rest of the year!

...Hahaha I wish, watch me eat them all by the end of summer. (Or maybe the end of the month...) The one problem with buying such big boxes is that I then eat everything really quickly and turn into a  slug.

Maybe that should be my latest job possibility? (There must be some poor school somewhere whose mascot is a slug. After all, ours is an eel...) I took another career test (I know, I know, why do I keep putting myself through this pain?) and some of my top results were:
1. Model. (The aforementioned resemblance to a slug would quickly put an end to that. Plus, I'm SHORT.)
2. Professional athlete. (You can tell they've never read this blog- I've already lamented quite a bit about my lack of coordination. I'd also like to mention that, the other day, I kneed myself in the face while exercising... again, no.)
3. Infantry soldier. (This was there last time too! What's up with that? Do they not know that I scream at earwigs? Whatever it says, I'm pretty sure that "Major Wimp" is not a good personality trait for soldiers.)

Although really, all of this is rendered moot because... I HAVE A JOB!!!

(Yes, the three exclamation marks were totally necessary.) Starting next week, I will be entering the wondrous world of employment. It's definitely not my dream job (my top requirement is that I be allowed to wear glamorous clothes, and make enough money to buy them without starving) but hey, it's experience. Thank you all for the good wishes!


  1. your blog posts are so funny lol. it makes you look so much weirder i swear. just being in school with you, i thought you were a very strange kid but this makes you even more strange xD congratulations on the job!

    1. really? kid? i'm only a year younger than you, buddy :P & hahaha, thanks i guess?

  2. Yay for having a job!

    Seriously though, they put model, professional athlete, and infantry soldier on career aptitude tests? How the heck do they determine that?!

  3. Congrats for a job and you always write amazing :) Happy weekend xx

    Sneak peek into my life

  4. Congrats on the job! That's always very exciting :) And I'm sure you'll do very well.

    1. thank you! I hope so, this week will tell ;)


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