Wednesday, August 29, 2012

back to the real (..okay, the blogging) world

After a lovely cardio workout (yay for basketball practice!), I feel much better about the whole school situation. (Now, don't be impressed by the fact that I am on the team.  Fun fact: yesterday we had our school gala for kooky awards, and which one did I win? Klutziest. Yes, that is the heritage I will leave behind.) There really is something to be said for a school so small that you don't even have to try out- there's not enough people who want to play, so you're automatically on the team! (Weirdly enough, I think a quarter of the ENTIRE highschool plays. And that's just the girls.)

Plus, I realised that yesterday I was supposed to talk about... my favourite books!

These are some of my top ones... but they're only the ones I own! Most of the books I love I order through the library. More of them can be found here on my Goodreads page.  Do you go on Goodreads? OMG it's probably one of my favourite sites! As I mentioned here, I love bookstores, so it's like a bookstore that I can go through while sitting at home eating chocolate! (Mind. Blown.) 

29- Bag

This is my school backpack. Isn't it the cutest thing ever? 

Pandas, penguins, platypi (platypuses?)- p animals are just the best. Plus, I'll let you in on a little secret: I got it at a secondhand store (SHOCKING!) thereby proving the adage that one girl's trash is another's treasure. What's your opinion of secondhand shopping?

I couldn't resist a chance to show off my lovely look today, either. Don't I look retro? 

Since lately I've been loving these three things... I also decided to link up with this wonderful party!

Go check out some more wonderful links- I'm sure the joy will help carry you through the week! And speaking of joy... Finding new blogs to follow is something I absolutely love doing. New and exciting posts... makeup ideas... DIYs... recipes... (procrastination techniques....)- there's just so many great things about the blogosphere! With that in mind, I joined these two wonderful blog hops!
About halfway through my following spree, my computer decided that I was a robot and started requiring a word verification every time. (You'd think it would have more faith in me after all we've been through!)
lala Lists
Why not join up too? You might find some new and exciting blogs, just like I did!


  1. I think it's great that you're on the team, even if a lot of other people are too! It'll be a really fun experience, I'm sure! :)

    1. thanks! i've definitely enjoyed it the other years, so i hope so :)

  2. That bag is my favourite thing ever. I'm SO jealous!!

    1. i'll be sure to keep an eye out for others for you ;)

  3. Yay for basketball! I'm on the team too, and I love it :) Wait, could you like, do a whole post about your favorite books? I've been looking for some good books, and I couldn't really see the titles, LOL!
    I love your bag, but I'm still obsessed with mine. Don't even talk to me about working out right now, today in PE, we did 96 squats, 96 lunges, 96 each of squat/lunge0jumps, ran the bleachers, and then ran. Quads. SO. SORE. And I went running this morning because I gforogt I had PE today.


    1. hmmm, that sounds like a good plan ;) i'll see if i can somehow zoom in.
      eesh, that sounds intense :O you'll be so fit!

  4. That bag is awesome and those glasses are super cute! Amazing what you can find at a great second hand store!

  5. Look at all those pandas piled on top of each other! So cute!

  6. What a fab find that bag was!!!
    found you via the followers to friends bloghop and have followed xxx


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