Thursday, August 23, 2012

the narcissistic view from my window

So... I know I'm still doing the photo challenge... but today I am cheating a little bit. I already took a photo of the view from my window (and it can be seen here) so I decided to, instead, give you all a quick view of what is happening through the window of my mind. (Yay for metaphors!) Follows a (somewhat complete) list of everything I've been thinking about recently... (Also it gave me the opportunity to, as I mentioned last week, use the word narcissistic in a title! because let's face it I can be slightly self-obsessed.)

-why do I keep biting the inside of my lip? it's all swollen and sore, and I don't know why it keeps happening, I think my teeth are in the wrong spot but I used to have braces so that can't be right
-maybe I just eat too much gum, 4 pieces a day is perhaps excessive
-but then I'd just eat more chocolate-covered almonds OMG they are my life why are they so good and why do they have so many calories? it's just sad
-also salted nuts and roasted veggies yay food!
-but also exercise, running is so much fun, I ran to the post office and I am so proud...why does no one ever send me exciting parcels? A MYSTERY
-and why is amazon so slow? My gorgeous phone case probably won't arrive for a month and I want to show you all the amazingness that it is
-it's British and we all know that British things are the coolest
-during the university tour the guide thought I was British because this was my outfit:

-aren't we cute? Yes we are and we look so university-ish, OMG I can't wait to be a university student, I AM SO READY and yet I will probably cry a river when time comes to actually leave but it is so thrilling
-school starts in 5, yes FIVE DAYS, and I work this entire weekend so I can't even enjoy it
-I will be bored, but I will have money (yes I think about this all the time and have even posted about it I think, but whatever you all probably feel the same, amiright?)
-except school doesn't even pay me and yet it is probably more boring (except for english class because I get to write on my blog, hahaha)
-however the thought of fall is exciting, I am sitting on the deck and dying of heatstroke right now
-why does my laptop generate so much heat? Is it going to spontaneously combust? OMG I'M GONNA DIE, you may all share my hat collection
-thank goodness my cellphone is not this warm or I would definitely pass out since it is always in my pocket
-although really, I don't text that much, I swear I'm not that annoying girl with her phone always in her face
-no I'm the annoying girl who's always holding a book
-OMG I just read Keeping the Castle by Patrice Kindl (go read it now, link to Goodreads provided) and it is literally my favourite book ever, I don't say that a lot so you know I really mean it this time, it is so funny that I CRIED and had to stuff my face in a pillow for fear of waking the children I was babysitting up
-THANK GOD I am an only child because I think I would be tired all the time if I had a sibling
-especially if they decided to spray Febreze in my mouth, that stuff is VILE

And now I'm out of breath and must stop. (Gag. Even the thought of Febreze is revolting.) What are some things that have been on your mind recently?

And, as usual for the Thursday, this is my contribution to Jenny Matlock's wonderful linkup!

Jenny Matlock


  1. I would like to share your hat collection, although I don't think they'll look good on me.

    have a great day.

    1. haha, i'll be sure to send you some if the occasion arises xD

  2. Haha, Febreeze! I'm looking forward to school! Have fun :)


    1. ewwww -shudder- thanks, and you too! i wish i was looking forward to it xD

  3. Oh, the life of a teenager! Hope you have a great school year!

  4. Very interesting that vision. Greetings.

  5. I love your shirt!!! And what collges were you looking at? All in Canada?

    1. thanks! and yep :) we went to Waterloo (my favourite) York/Glendon, and Ryerson, idk if you've heard of any of them.

  6. lol I'm interested in learning why you know what Febreze tastes like.

    1. my babysitting experience the other night :P before i could stop her, one of the girls i was babysitting sprayed it all over the room... ugh.

  7. Ha! I love this nifty post!

    I really enjoyed my visit here today!

    You are quite neat!

    Febreeze, however, is not for human consumption, silly girl.



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