Wednesday, August 22, 2012

catching up

Good afternoon dearest listeners! (Side note: I always put a salutation, I've realised. Is this necessary? I don't know... it just seems empty without it somehow.) I have returned from my university road trip, and aside from an excessively sore bottom, am none the worse for wear. (A longer post will be dedicated to it later... it was actually super fun as well as being educational, and what's better than that?!)  Until then, here are the photos for the days I missed! (Obviously I am not meant to do challenges like this... it's kind of a fail. Sorry.)

17/18- My happy place and my favourite store

Okay, so I had to combine these two.. because I couldn't decide which place made me happier. (I am a total material girl. I freely admit it.) Sephora: MAKEUP. Indigo: BOOKS. Really, if someone started a store that combined these two things, I would love you forever. (My new life goal? Hmmmm...) Which one do you prefer?

19/20- Outfit/Reflection

I combined these two as well... because you get to see my gorgeous work clothes! (The worst part is the fact that my shirt is more flattering than my uniform shirt... which I return to wearing NEXT WEEK, I might die...) I've been spending quite a lot of time in this glamourous outfit recently, I'm both pleased and saddened to say. Pleased: MONEY! work experience! Saddened: soul-crushing boredom. Ah well, can't have everything, right?

21- Favourite object

lh;ihaef;gfd OMG, this wasn't hard. I am rapidly becoming a total cellphone addict... it's not even funny... the worst part is that I keep thinking I've lost it, then I have a minor heart attack. Case in point: I was talking to my father on it, then thought, wait a second, my phone isn't in my pocket. WHERE IS IT? This persisted for several minutes before I realised... wait, it's in my hand. (In my defence, I had previously spent eight hours in the car. Road trips turn my brain into green, scrambled eggs.)

And Little Amber- not a favourite OBJECT, in case anyone was wondering. He/she is far too alive for that! (He/she even has his/her own post here!)

22- Guilty pleasure

OMG (again... I probably use this acronym far too often) coffee is truly the best. This would be an amazingly  cute photo of me were it not for the random guy walking around in the background... (I mean really, if you're going to photobomb, can't you at least do it in an interesting way? Thanks so much.) What's your guilty pleasure?


  1. I too am a cellphone and coffee addict. I figure... there are probably MUCH worse things to be addicted to. Welcome back from your university trip!

  2. I used to have that same stuffed cat before I lost it in IKEA like 8 years ago!!! Hahaha and I love your phone!!!

    1. aww, that's so sad :( i hope he/she is enjoying his/her new life there! and thanks ;)

  3. hi darling! we're hosting a giveaway on our blog this week - join if you're interested ;-)

    1. thanks for the headsup! i'll be sure to check it out :3

  4. Very nice. I can't drink coffee but I like my mobile anyways :D xx

    Sneak peek into my life

  5. I choose the book store. My guilty pleasure is ... shameful ... ja ja


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