Friday, August 3, 2012

kindness is komplicated

I wrote that title with some deep theme in mind, but now all I can think of is the book 'A Complicated Kindness' which is filled with dead chickens... so not altogether kind. To the chickens anyway. (I'm glad I'm not a chicken. It doesn't seem like a very stimulating life. I wouldn't mind being a cat, though- they seem to have such a unique perspective on life. Plus I'm pretty good at the whole 'leave me alone, I'm much cooler than you' thing that they have going on.)

However,  it's also a book considered 'literary'... which is, for me, a warning sign. I tend to find that genre of book confusing. I arrive at the end, and am like... wait a second. Was there a plot? Did I miss something, or was those Deep Musings On Life really all there was to it? (And, as you can tell if you've read any of my posts, Deep Musings on anything are not my forte. Obsessing over pointless details is far more my style.) (And I'm hoping to possibly study Literature at University. Hmmm...)

ANYWAY. Kindness takes many shapes and sizes, but it is also very subjective. To one person, it might be saying "You look fat in that dress," but to another it might be the exact opposite. (Or saying, politely, why do you want to study Literature when the label 'literary' is a warning sign? Or, less politely, ARE YOU A MORON? The answer to the second one, by the way, is probably yes.) This, right there? Why I hate buying clothes. How do I know which person I'm shopping with? Do I actually look good, or are you just saying that? (This also applies to cooking/writing/cleaning... really about any activity that might possibly involve another person. This is why my life would be so much easier if I could just live in a cave and be a hermit... I wonder what moss tastes like?)

The point I'm trying to make here is that...ok, I just reread the three previous paragraphs and realised it didn't actually have a point. Never mind. You may now return to your previously scheduled programming. (As long as it doesn't involve Jersey Shore. I am doing you a kindness, right now, in saying that that kind of show will just rot your brain.) (And in writing that sentence, another question occurred to me- why is it that 'kind' is also 'type'? OMG, and then 'type' is also 'type' as in 'I am typing nonsense on my keyboard'... Mind. Blown.)

Yeah, so I'm just going to stop here and say... this oh-so-fascinating post is my contribution to Jenny Matlock's linkup this week!

Jenny Matlock

You're so welcome.  

Also, I am being KIND and participating in my friend Jesse's Photo of the Day for August (which can be found here)... starting tomorrow. (I would start today, except I want to dedicate an entire post to it and this... I don't know what this was, but it was not a post. Also, I don't know where my camera went. It was possibly eaten by the cat.) Just a head's up, so that if I don't post tomorrow you can smack me with a fish. 


  1. After taking many classes where I was forced to read 'literary' novels, I can say that some are wonderful and life-altering, but most are dull, without plot, and self-indulgent. It's a shame, really!

    1. it really is! I'm hoping to read more of the life-altering ones.

  2. *nows has permission to hit you with a fish* be careful Tatiana, I'm not sure your mother will stop me from smacking you with a salmon or a tuna!

  3. Literary books and movies often leave me disappointed.

    Maybe it's me.

    Maybe I'm just dumb.

    Maybe other people don't like them either but they pretend they do so they can look smart.


    The musings of an uncomplicated mind so often Komplicate my life!

    Really, really a kute link for the letter "K".


    1. omg i feel exactly the same! who knows, perhaps everyone does and we're the only ones brave enough to admit it ;)


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