Tuesday, July 31, 2012

the greatest joys in life are occasionally free

One of my greatest joys in life are HATS. All kinds of hats. Large, small, black, multicoloured... you name it, I'd probably wear it. Even better is when they're entirely free! Which, amazingly enough, has happened to me. (Put simply, amazingly sweet people give me things sometimes. And no, this does not apply solely to my mother and the times I wheedle and convince her!) Are you ready for the hat fashion show of my life? Well, then here we go!

Ah, the basic cap. This was my FAVOURITE THING EVER when I was younger. I wore it everywhere... why I thought it was so amazing, I'm no longer sure. I don't wear it anymore, but it's still floating around the house, much like an unwanted clump of cat fur (we have a lot of those!).

This one's a little different, but who doesn't love a good Regency-style bonnet? There's even peacock feathers! I mean, what more could you ask for? (This was the first photo I took tonight too... that is why it's not a mirror shot and the rest are, I just got too frustrated with my 'skills'!) This was one of the free ones, too.

Another old-timey style favourite- the cloche hat! I have actually worn this one only once, because I find it difficult to match with outfits... I hate wearing black and beige together, but most of my clothes are black... dilemma, dilemma.

In case you're wondering, this was my attempt at a Parisian-chic expression... you know, to match the beret! Except it was a total fail. As you can see. I'll just stop now...

....And move onto the next slightly psychotic expression! Yay! This one was my attempt to look like a mobster.
...Yeah. Okay. Moving on again. 

I like this photo because it looks somewhat like me... but I just realised that my hat is covered in fluff. (Aka the aforementioned clumps of cat fur.) I love this hat because it makes me feel like a glamourous Old Hollywood starlet! (And really, who doesn't want to feel like a star sometimes?)

It's a giraffe! On a hat! I can pretend to be tall now! 

And last but not least, the wonderful dinosaur hat! Because it's just cute enough to be seen again. (Per your suggestions, I now check dollar stores whenever I see them... but I have yet to find this hat again. I'll keep looking!) 

So maybe I'm a little obsessed. (And again, please excuse the somewhat demented facial expressions- mirror shots are not my forte...)

BUT WAIT. There's more! Join me again next Tuesday to see... my winter hat collection! (Because I know someone out there must share my passion for hats. Admit it, somewhere in the deep dark corner of your soul you love them too, despite the fact that they blow off your head in the slightest breath of wind and utterly ruin your hair.... sometimes you just have to suffer for fashion.)

Do you like hats? If not, what's your obsession?


  1. that second picture. people would think you're an english duchess.

    you look great in all kind of hat. i'm not a hat fans, except that one period in my teen life when i was crazy about F1 racing. i wore red schummacher/ferrari hat everywhere

  2. I definitely approve of these awesome hats! Hats are always so much fun! I have a massive beach hat that I haven't had the nerve to wear!

    1. thanks! and i totally agree! good luck on wearing your beach hat, i'm sure it'll look great :3

  3. I like the 4th one a lot though all are nice. I also like hats but don't wear them often. I love scarfs as well :) xx

    Sneak peek into my life

    1. thanks! agreed, scarves are great- if it was a bit cooler right now i'd be wearing them too!

  4. I wear hats so often that in Spanish class when we had to write about our favorite pieces of clothing, my Spanish teacher said "hats! of course!" to me... hahaha

    1. nice :D i wish i could wear hats to school, you're lucky!


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