Monday, December 31, 2012

here there be dragons

So, while everyone is busy posting about goals and resolutions... I thought I'd lend a little lightness to the atmostphere by posting about dragons.

Why dragons, you may ask? Well, I've always related to them far more than to those prissy little princesses in fairytales. They're just trying to get along as well as they can, stealing a few sheep here and there (and let's be honest here. Does anyone really like sheep that much? They're just like little balls of fluff. Characters in novels are always mentioning how tough their mutton was. Having a dragon around is far preferable, even if they do all get eaten... that way the poor characters don't have to suffer and lose a few teeth while chewing) when along swoops that pesky knight, trying to attain honour and glory by slaying some innocent creature. (You can probably guess what my feelings on hunting are...)

Thankfully, it seems that, although they remain an endangered species, not all dragons have been extinguished, as I had the pleasure to meet one this weekend!

Really, why would you want to get rid of a creature so sparkly?

(And congratulations random strangers. You're now immortalised on my blog.)

This is exactly why travelling with my parents, down and through random castles, is enjoyable- you never know what you might discover and, while unrealistic, pretending to be a princess as I wander aimlessly is quite fun as well.

While I wasn't meeting mythological creatures...there may also have been even more shopping. Just a teensy bit. (OMG that's such a lie. Just ask my father, who managed to be marvellously patient throughout all the "oh-just-one-more-store"s and "this'll-just-be-ten-minutes-I-swear"'s- love you, Dad!

Oh, and because no weekend of travel is complete without a soundtrack, here's the song currently being overplayed on my iPod:


  1. HEY. If there were no sheepsies flocking about this earth, I would have nothing decent to knit with and would therefore be sad. The cat hat I made you? That's wool, dear :P Sheep are good for many things, just not eating! /rant over xxx

    1. hmmm, you make a good point :/ however, maybe you could learn to knit with dragon scales? I hear they're quite supple!

      and let it never be said that I don't appreciate that hat <3


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