Sunday, December 16, 2012

realities of my life

1) There is still no snow. (This deserves a sad post all on its own... but with the number of times I've ranted about it, I think I'll abstain for your sanity.) Seriously, this is Canada. In December. Did the sky not get the memo?

2) I am still socially awkward. Example of a conversation I had today with one of my coworkers:
Me: wait, so... that girl... what's her name... she was here like three seconds ago?
Him: -confused silence-
Me: you know, she's blonde? And works here?
Him: -still looking weirded out- Victoria?
Me: yeah! Her! and... yeah... I can't remember the rest now... sorry, that was kinda pointless...
Him: -shakes head and walks away-

...what can I say, it takes time for me to grow on people. (Somewhat like moss.)

3) I can now drive! As in... by myself... WATCH OUT WORLD! (Actually, I'm not a bad driver. Just not skilled at parking. Or three-point turns. However, I do drive a huge van- think Mystery Machine, but less cool- so on the plus side, if I ever drive a car, I'll be amazingly skilled... or I'll just over-judge and run into more things... Hmm.)

4) Whine whine moan moan, I work too much.

5) I know there were other things I wanted to blog about, but I can't remember what they were. (This happens often. Is this a problem for anyone else?)

6) After seeing me with my enlarged cheeks and lost-a-fight bruises, my supervisor decided to refer to me as 'chipmunk", "rotten fruit", "unripe tomato" and "banana". All my self-esteem has now disappeared -sob- (Haha, kidding, it was actually pretty funny... and at least I've recovered now!)

7) I've been accepted at a university! (What were they thinking, right?) So basically... I'm assured of NOT being stuck here for another year! (Yes, that was the first thing that came to mind when I opened the email... a little sad.)

So that was my life, in a list! (Everything is better in list form. It's a fact.) How was your week?


  1. ahhh i had a very similar conversation about snow too! i cant imagine having christmas without snow! so weird!

  2. That is so awesome that you can drive! And I know what you mean about the snow. It's's winter....where is the snow? It rained today!

    1. thanks :D and it's just so sad! we have plenty now though, so I hope you do soon too!

  3. I find it amusing that you talk much about your list of blog posts to write when blogging comes up but you are drawing a blank in point no. 5 XD ilu. Also, YAY ABOUT G2! Also x2... it froze rain today. Merry Christmas, that's closer to snowing than plain old rain! :D At this point I'm happy to take that and run.

    1. hahaha, ikr? it's pretty sad XD <3 you tooo!
      and i was almost losing hope, but now... OMG BEST SNOW EVER.


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