Saturday, December 29, 2012

travelling through the snow

I'm sitting on a hotel room bed in my favourite city while my mother watches Extreme Couponing. The first part of this sentence is exciting; the second, not so much. (What is wrong with these people? It looks like they're preparing for the zombie apocalypse!) Amazingly enough, this time our hotel is not sketchy! (Not yet anyway... we do have one more night. And great, now Maroon 5 is going through my head...)

However, there was a problem. Remember that hotel that had a waffle maker? This one had a pancake maker. (Which do you prefer, dearest ninjas? I can't decide... BOTH!) I waited for like an hour and a half to  use it... before someone finally told me that it wasn't working. (Like seriously, you couldn't have told me this before? You didn't notice my longing looks? The sadness of my life..) (And as usual, I'm talking about food. I definitely have my priorities straight!)

So what are we doing here? Well, so far, there's been a lot of driving. (Round and round... mostly because no one knew where we were going.) There has also been a play. What play, you ask? Are you imagining something Shakespearian? In this case, no. (Although I do love Shakespeare. Except for Othello, because everyone is caught in a morass of stupidity and deserved their deaths. Yes, I am bitter- reading that in my English Literature class might have scarred me for life, much like the time my parents forced me to drink a glass of milk. These moments were both equally awful.)

Omg, I totally forgot what I was writing about. What I was getting to: the play we saw was a spoof of Snow White. Actually, Snow White + James Bond. What could be better? Also, there were cute boys who were dancing to "I'm Sexy and I Know It" in pink velour suits... just the icing on the cake! (Does that sound bizarre? It was legit hilarious.)

Oh, and there has been MAJOR shopping. Haul post coming up soon? I think so! (No more spoilers, though -wink-)

So how has your break been going? (I just realised that some of you are not on break and that question may have caused you to break into tears. If that is the case, I apologise and send you hugs and tea!) (Not the sip I just spit onto my keyboard, though- the Extreme Couponer's husband just said that her pregnancy was making her 'unfit to coupon'. I hadn't realised it was such a sport... If I'm going to keep up all this shopping, maybe I should try this out? New way to exercise!) (Omg, they just said she spent over 10 hours at the store. And is freaking out that she has to spend 56 cents. What's wrong with these people?)


  1. Oh gosh, this sounds like quite the adventure you two are having! I'm glad - it sounds quite fun. (Extreme Couponing included)

  2. My break is obviously not going as well as yours. That might be because I don't have one, BUT Snow White meets James Bond? What was it called? That sounds amazing. And Waffles. Without a doubt.

    1. awww, that's too bad D: it's my opinion that everyone should get breaks ;)

      and I think it was just Snow White and 007? it was only playing in the one city.

  3. What was the play called? I really want to see it now :P
    Ugh that show is just so weird. They're all like "oh no I lost my coupons, now I have to pay $5 for my millions of bottles of shampoo and food noooo :'("

    1. I think it was just Snow White and 007? it was only playing in the one city.

      omg agreed! they're like apocalypse stockers or something :P

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