Monday, November 19, 2012

green with envy

Walking outside with a winter coat on and thinking "oh, the air is positively balmy!" does not equate to thinking the same in tiny shorts and a thin long-sleeved shirt, even while running, especially when one's iPod dies less than half-way through.

...On the plus side, that was probably the quickest run of my life.

What inspired this sudden frenzy of activity, you may ask? Well, for once it WASN'T the consuming of copious quantities of chocolate! (yay me!) No, in this case it was... the purchase of new clothes. (Let's face it, buying new workout gear just makes exercise so much more fun! Except that it stopped me from making a vlog today... I may have abandoned 'fashion' at school but certainly not over the interwebz.)

Yesterday, Kori and I -drumroll please- went shopping! (I cannot tell you how much more fun it was to be on the other side of the counter for once.) Here's my haul. (And oh yes, it definitely is a haul.)

First off I apologise for the colours... this is actually the cutest little bright lime green jacket from Sirens! (But NOT warm enough for November running...)

Also from Sirens, some nice comfy yoga pants for work... Can't wait to get out of my dress pants!

Heart earrings from F21 and jumbo eyeliner from Sephora (MY OBSESSION)... so maybe I wore makeup to school today? 

A new outfit from Lululemon! I love how durable and comfortable everything they have is. 

I'm a yeti! (Kori refused to let me buy this, the meanie. It was the softest thing ever.)

Mint jeans from The Bay! (They look extremely washed out, but they're actually quite perky and sweet, like a little candy!) You may have noticed the theme by now: almost everything I bought had some shade of green (bizarre, seeing as I own nearly no green...)

A fascinator that is gorgeous until you see the price tag... seriously, who wants to pay over a hundred dollars for a little hat?

Expect some model-quality (hahahahaha) pictures with me wearing these soon! Not pictured: my beautiful boots (because after all that running, the thought of going to get them from downstairs was just TOO MUCH) my facial wash (because I didn't think anyone would be all that excited) or my Christmas presents (in case one of the people I bought something for actually reads this)... yes, I did buy more things. (Never have I been more grateful for my job.)

Have you done any lovely shopping lately?


  1. I definitely agree that new workout gear is a nice incentive to actually work out! :)

    1. it might cost money, but it's totally worth it :D

  2. I can't believe you actually went outside today in those shorts XD Were they the Boogie ones?

    Also, I'm glad that hoodie remained on the rack in the end. You did make a cute yeti, but still. It was like petting fuzzy socks, and that felt weird to me for some reason XD

    Ouch, I didn't know the fascinator was that $$$ O.O" That seems excessive. Good times <3 xxx

    1. ikr? what was i thinking. and yes :)

      if it had been 20$ or so I would have bought it, but you're right, it was just too much :P

      agreed! who would actually pay that much for it? :O and yesss, for sure, best shopping buds <3

  3. Lululemon rocks! There's an outlet mall on our way to Canada so we always go there - super low prices (for LL). I got a super cute jacket there a few years back and sadly the zipper broke :( Doesn't stop me from wearing it, though, hehe :P

    1. agreed :3 omg, I need an outlet store too!

      that's so sad though :( stupid zippers. and haha, I do that too, so no worries.

  4. Those shorts are just like Sophia's! :o they're soooo cute and comfortable. :)

    1. haha, I know xD I was like, do I want to match...? whatever, I don't care...


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