Friday, November 2, 2012

things I realise while packing

So it's Friday (YAY!) and I left school early to pack for another university visit (DOUBLE YES!). Of course, this means a blog post (procrastinating can be fun!) because I have to share all this excitement with y'all! (No, I never say that. I just like writing it and pretending that I do.) 
  • I have way too many clothes, and I only wear about ten percent.
  • Random dance parties= the best thing everrr.
  • OMG I don't work again until Tuesday! that's worth a dance party right there by itself, no music necessary!
  • ... I'm kind of a loser.
  • And (as I trip over my piles of clothes) I will never be a professional dancer (surprise, I know!). 
  • I should probably eat less chocolate, because that little dance session made me feel out of breath... time for a blogilates break! 
  • Ok I'm back. Kinda sweaty and cat-furry (read the next point) but not yet dead.
  • I love my cats, but sometimes they are a pain. (Aka, Amber is currently rubbing himself all over me and trying to step on my keyboard. Not exactly helpful.)
  • Why can't he just help me choose shirts? I'm currently putting in ten for two days... logic= not my forte.
  • Or eat my chem book so that I don't have to take it with me? (I mean really, you'd think my teacher would realise that picking a future is more important than doing a lab report right now... ok, not really, but I like the thought.)
  • Plus I can't find a pencil or an eraser. Hopefully I don't make any mistakes...
This was my dance party song... trust me, it's contagious.

High Five for Friday, dearest listeners! 


  1. This is an awesome list of random things! I love that song as well. Have a great visit!

  2. i'd never realized anything while packing until recently. i don't know how to pack 5 years of my life. i really don't. uggh!

    aaaannddd good luck with college!!!
    god, i feel so old. haha

  3. You could give me some of the 90% of your wardrobe you ignore ;D

  4. i love packing ;) and i totally agree with you - picking a future is more important than (insert homework here) Definitely my new top excuse!! xoxo


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