Wednesday, November 28, 2012

let it snow

Today -drumroll please- IT SNOWED.

like oh my gosh, guys, it snowed.

How to tell if you are a Canadian: this thought is actually exciting and not a source of terror. (Minus 30? PLEASE.)

Okay, actually, this might be more a sign of "How to tell if you are Zia" because honestly, no one else in my highschool seemed all that thrilled. It started during lunchtime, and I asked several people if they wanted to go for a walk with me, even offering the promise of a stop at the pizza or poutine place; the lure of fresh air might be negligable, but junk food rarely is... but even that was not enough of an inducement. (Thanks guys. I love you all too.)

So, instead of being constrained by their lameness, I headed outside to, as one boy put it, "frolic" in the snow. A random photo shoto ensued. (Apologies for the no-makeup face... I hadn't realised there would be so much excitement!)

From almost no snow...

To the beginnings of a BLIZZARD!

(Okay, not really, but still.) Look at this. Seriously, it's beautiful.

I had to fulful my frolic duties, after all!

Good thing I went out, too... because how much is there now?



Hopefully I'll dream of snow tonight and it will be there when I wake up.

What are your thoughts on snow?


  1. i wish it snowed more here! every time there's a mm of snow, our school closes because it's on a hill so there are treacherous conditions hehe :) which means there are LOTS of snow days! but barely any snow at my house, which means no sledding, ever :(

    1. hahaha, that's amazing :D i wish we had more! i'll have to come visit xD
      and no sledding? D: awww, that sucks. i hope you have better luck this year!

  2. fun sequence! Afraid I'm an old crank when it comes to snow. I really miss the sunlight in winter. One day I will plant myself where it is warm and sunny.

    1. i can understand that... sunlight is nice too :3 good luck with your warmth!

  3. I love snow, can;t wait for it to start snowing now so I can go have fun outside with my boys.

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