Monday, November 5, 2012

"baby, baby, where'd you put the bagpipes?!"

Did that get your attention? (How could it not?) It certainly captured mine in the middle of the night as it was yelled outside my hotel room. For whatever reason (ok, the reason being that we are frugal, or cheap) we tend to stay in hotels that are just this side of sketchy... not quite in the bad area of town, but definitely in the weird one. (However, I am grateful for this, since it means I have money for tea and university!) Gotta love big cities, right?

The next morning, on we went to the university open house!

Just a little advertising in the Science building. (If you're here from that, let me just say that I am amazed, and welcome! ...confession though, I am most definitely not into science.)

Of course there was a Tim Hortons! (I also managed to get in a visit to Starbucks- is anyone else in love with the Eggnog Latte?- and TWO to David's Tea, my dream place. Expect tea reviews soon!) 

After many tours, we went to the... James Bond exhibit! (I found out that he wore aviator sunglasses in the movies too, just further proof that mine are the coolest things ever.) 

My attempt at 'femme fatale'... might have been a little more successful had I not been wearing a plaid shirt. The exhibit was super cool though, I would definitely recommend it! OMG blinged-out dresses... every single one was dripping in glitter... my sort of clothes for sure.

Of course, they might not quite match my current object of desire...

I want one of these hats so badly, omg. Christmas is coming up, guys! -wink wink nudge nudge- (Because really, who doesn't want to look like their head is being eaten?) 

Who doesn't love random rickshaws? (Alliteration is fun!) Seriously though, this was just sitting in the middle of the street... I have no idea what it was doing there... and it was gone when we walked there in the morning. Maybe the people looking for bagpipes decided to steal it instead?

Sometimes street signs express things that you could never have put into words yourself, but that are oddly appropriate. 

The next day (which I somehow have no photos of, silly me) we toured another university (which was equally wonderful. Why are there so many that I have to love?) and bought... mittens? l,sjdkhgaiwehg it was COLD. Like, my fingers were nearly falling off. 

You can see the faint purple tinge here. (I actually love this photo so much... I may not have been able to find glasses to try on, but at least I had a mask!) 

...and nearly expired from hunger (okay, maybe that was just me. I think I have a problem...)

This is actually my mother's food... by the time she mentioned taking a photo, I had already inhaled more than half of mine. (Shh. It had been a long walk.) (Also, before you think she's a genius, let me just mention that she also talked about the 'warm womblike washroom' at the restaurant for quite a while... yeah...) 

After eating, we waddled (what can I say, the food was REALLY GOOD) over to the museum to go see... DINOSAURS! 

This is an actual dinosaur skull. Doesn't it look like a vaccum cleaner?

I thought my hoodie was quite appropriate! (For once. In what other situation is wearing a giant eel approriate anyway?) 

The one thing that would have made the exhibit better would have been if they had dinosaurs to sit on... I mean really, taking a ride on one of them would have made my day! (If you can have ride-on dinosaurs in playgrounds, why not in museums? I'm positive I wouldn't have been the only one pleased by this... so the remainder might have been under ten, but still.)

I love this city. For a small-town girl like myself, walking down the main street in the middle of the night (ok. So it was like nine. Whatever) filled me with such an energy and a feeling... I can't describe it. Do you city-dwellers know what I mean? (I figure that, for this, I could deal with the noise... let's see if I still feel that way when I have no money left for tea.)


  1. Hey lady! Thanks SO much for stopping by! Happy to find your cute blog! Following you now! :D Hope to see you for our next Find + Follow Friday hop (next week!) :) Love to have you!

    ♥Nicole @ Me + the Moon

  2. Haha love how you are advertising your blog ;) Hope you got a few (I actually just spelt 'few' like 'fiew', good God) more views from it ha!
    Looks like you had a good time! I'm obsessed with the Starbucks vanilla hot chocolates lately. We have a Starbucks at university and it has probably consumed most of my money, definitely not the wisest decision to plant it right in the center of uni where poor students will be walking by!

  3. Good idea advertising like that!

  4. I love your advertising techniques too! What a great trip eggnog lattes, that amazing food, AND dinos. I think this university is the right one haha.

  5. Ha, oh gosh! You always get really good stories when you stay in interesting places! Great pictures as well.

  6. Great post! I love the photos, am wondering about the womb. marvel at the bagpipes, baby... Just so much fun!

  7. You. Were up at. 9pm? What is this madness? I haven't tried the Egnogg Latte before, it sounds intruiging. Next time we have a writing day @ The Starbucks, I may be prevailed upon to try it. Looks like you had a great time!

  8. Egg nog lattes are the best!

    1. yay, I'm not the only one who likes them! hoping to pick one up tommorrow :D

  9. As always, I really enjoyed your post. Such a funny writer it is hard to know which aspect to comment on! Although I have to say I am left wondering exactly where that bagpipe wnet and why someone would need at that time.
    Love the pictures, too!


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