Friday, November 23, 2012

finally it is over

(Beware. I have been vibrating with fatigue all day. I passed out in the metro and some random old man poked me in the shoulder because he thought I'd miss my stop... needless to say I pretended not to understand English, because that's just what you do in that kind of situation, right? But anyway. If this post is incoherent, now you know why.)

Today was... drumroll please... the last in my series of university visits! Yes, I am finally done with tours and with... okay I can't think of anything else, but whatever, it's ALL done. I am now up to NINE campus visits- I think that might be some kind of record- can I have a medal? (Or even just a free meal. I keep being so hungry... that's definitely not something I will miss...) However, out of all of these visits, I've narrowed it down to three universities I'm actually interested in! (Okay, more like I LOVED these three and didn't like-in some cases even hated- the others.)

Today's visits were... a little bit strange, to say the least. Just being on the metro was actually an interesting situation. During one of our trips, right beside me, there was a group of people discussing the store I work at. (Like, in detail.) No one talks about where I work! No one even visits us there! (The sadness of my life.) Although we were the ones being the rulebreakers... as in, HOLDING THE DOOR OPEN. Gasp, right? How dare we? Apparently we could even have been fined for this.

What can I say, we're just such rebels. And then... we entered the university, and what's the first thing I see?

'Amiante' is French for 'asbestos', for those of you not in the know. Do I really want to go somewhere that has this label on the one of the doors? Not so much.

At least I managed to stop for coffee along the way. (Mochas make everything better.)

(This photo is dedicated to one of my friends, who took this picture for me despite assuring me several times that I was being 'lame' and that 'no one takes random pictures of themselves with coffee, even if it is for a blog!'... you can tell she isn't a blogger. Also I just realised that everywhere I go, I either have photos of myself with coffee or wearing crazy glasses... what can I say, it's my theme.)

Okay. So it is now after seven pm and I judge it time to go to bed. (There was no Vampire Diaries this week... I was so sad...) Goodnight world, and have a great weekend!


  1. That is a lot of campus tours! You must be very glad to be done with them now.

    1. oh, definitely! it's just good to be able to make a decision.

  2. Yes, a lovely photo ... a toast coffee.


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