Sunday, November 25, 2012

facts about me (fascinating title? I think so)

Well, the lovely Kori over at The Musings of an Awkward Panda recently nominated me for an award... and yes. I am actually doing it. WHOOT! So, here go the FACTS. (100% true. Promise.)

1) I went through a soup-hating phase for about two years. (Like, no soup. At all. Ever.) This just ended about two weeks ago. (As you can imagine, my friends and family were greatly relieved.)

2) When I was in preschool (so, like two) the teacher told my parents that I was developmentally handicapped because I couldn't use scissors. (However, I still can't, so maybe she was right...)

3) Salad, chocolate and grilled cheese sandwiches are my comfort foods.

4) I LOVE SNOW. Like, so much. I nearly cried yesterday because it started snowing while I was at work and I couldn't get outside to see it... and then it was gone by the time I finished. Saddest moment of my life.

5) On a slightly related note, I cry all the time. You may have noticed I'm an extremely dramatic person... my highs are Everest-high and my lows are Marianas Trench. (Except not the band- them I adore.) So basically I'll be sad/angry/stressed about something, will have a huge sob-fest, and then will feel fine. (Until the next sobfest...)

6) I love stamps. There's just such a variety, and they're all so pretty! (This cropped up in a convo with Jesse... the things we talk about...) Stamp designer... Another job possibility? I think so -wink-

7) It drives me absolutely insane when people play with their hair. Like, I can't even look at them without wanting to scream. (I understand if you're fixing it or hand-combing, but not just random fingering. Ew. Stop.)

8) I'm pretty depressed right now because I think I have to start taking iron supplements again... seriously, they taste like eating a melted spoon. (I would guess.) GROSS.

Now, onto the questions! (Yes, I know there were supposed to be 11 facts. Shhh...)

-Guilty pleasure?
Chocolate? Junk food in general? haha, I'm so predictable. 

-3 bad habits?

1) picking at my nails
2) talking too much
3) eating when I'm not hungry

-Favourite TV show(s)?

Well, I think you've all heard about these multiple times (and will again, muahaha) but Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who, New Girl, The Mindy Project and Sherlock. 

-Favourite fast food joint?
Starbucks? Does that count? I'm not really a fast food girl... vegetarian, not so much. 

-Place you would most like to work?

HarperCollins publishing house, omg. I have no idea why, but it's been a dream of mine for several years.

-Apple or Blackberry and why?

Hmmm... both? I love my Blackberry phone, but I also love my iPod nano (the old, cool kind, without a touch screen.) 

-Whip out your iPod and stick it on shuffle. The first 5 songs that come up are what?

1) Your Star- Evanescence (what can I say, I went through an emo phase)
2) All The Rowboats- Regina Spektor (an album I downloaded and never really got into... I do that often)
3) Utopia- Within Temptation (VAMPIRE DIARIES SONG LOVE)
4) Return The Favour- All Time Low (I don't even remember this song)
5) Pretty Baby- Vanessa Carlton (I actually hate this song. Why is it on my iPod? DELETE)

-Do you swear? If so, how badly on a scale of 1 to 10?

Like, 1? I try not to... sometimes I swear in my head, and I've noticed myself doing that more often (blame being surrounded by teenage boys) but I do really try not to. 

-Favourite endearing animal?

Penguins, platypus, kittens, owls. (They're just TOO CUTE. Don't ask me to just pick one, come on!) 

-Favourite sport to watch?

None... -hides under the sofa from sports fans the world over-

-Views on pop culture music?

I like a lot of it -hides once again- but I don't like listening to the radio... like seriously, some nice shallow music is fine one or two times a week, not constantly. 

Some artists really annoy me though... like Lady Gaga, seriously, ughhh. 

...and there you are. This is me. Now, onto YOU! I'm not going to tag anyone specific, but if you'd like to, I'd love to hear some random facts about you. (And seriously, I think my questions are pretty cool, so ANSWER THEM.) Here are my questions:

-Ninjas or pirates and why?
-Who's your dream concert?
-What moment do you want to relive?
-What's your opinion on emoticons and text words? 
-What's your favourite word?
-What made you choose your current job?
-Pet peeve?
-Would you like to know what it would be like to be someone of the oposite sex for one week?
-What's your belief system?
-What's your first memory?
-Favourite thing to cook?
-First thing you notice about people you're attracted to?

You know you want to answer, dearest listeners. I dare you. 


  1. Great post! I love snow too. It snowed for the first time here yesterday and I was really happy about it!

    1. yay! again, glad i'm not alone :3 it's just so pretty!

  2. Enjoyed reading your facts :) I think everyone loves snow, people who don't are grumpy scrooges!! x

    1. yayy :D and omg, they had better, it's so wonderful :3

  3. This was epic XD Developmentally handicapped? You? I'd hate to see what that teacher would have thought of me when I was that age, if you couldn't use scissors O.O" lol.

    1. lololol, ikr? let's just say i didn't stay there too long.

  4. i cant believe you don't like GaGa. A little part of me died just now.

  5. Ohmygod the hair... a girl in my class chewed on her hair and then like... touched her face with it every day. All the time. I had a conversation with my friend about it and we both decided that we are going to either cut it off while she's sleeping or shave her head so she can't play with it... we're so brutal but OH MY GOD IT'S SO ANNOYING.
    and you should listen to Here we go by Matt Kearney. It's from TVD and it's such an awesome song (plus I just love saying his last name. it sounds so... fancy)

    1. ughhhhh that sounds absolutely awful D: I FEEL FOR YOU.

      and yay for new music! i will go listen :D

  6. I love that you are a cryer! I am a big cryer too. I cry about the dumbest things though. I bawl when I watch TV, and not like the notebook, It's like an animal planet show. Yeah...


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