Thursday, November 1, 2012

xtremely difficult conundrum

In the comments of a lot of the exercise videos that I watch, people say things like "OMG these videos have changed my life! I have abs now! YAY!" and this makes me feel a little sad... because then I think, "Why is this miraculous transformation not happening to me?!" and then I stop and think again... "Do I want abs, or do I want this fudge-covered apple?"

Yeah. I think you can guess which one inevitably wins. 

Plus, eating it was this whole long setup. The process went as follows. One: attempt to look cute for the camera, and take a small bite.

Two: kinda fail at that, and look like a stoned vampire instead.

Three: go back to my normal slob eating habits and get fudge all over my nose.

And yes, this was my dinner tonight. DO NOT BE FOOLED BY THE PICTURES. I somehow look slightly cute in these (if slightly vampire-ish)... but that is most certainly not the case. I kept taking extremely large bites (and almost drooling on myself... and I wonder why I am single...)

In case you haven't guessed, I love Halloween. Free chocolate, people! What is there NOT to love? Plus, my costume was pretty epic: I was a time-travelling gangster from the 1920s! (Although somehow I am not in any photos. Disadvantage of being the photographer...) I also looked like a female Josh Ramsey (from Marianas Trench)... that was a pretty felicitous realisation. (Just cause he's awesome.) 

So yes. Right now, I kinda sit around and eat chocolate and that is my life. (Except for when I'm too lazy to go get any more. Then I just sit.) 

Also, this song is lovely... a little note of seriousness.

Jenny Matlock


  1. Loving all the chocolate and left over Reese's cups here! Cute pics!

  2. Ooh, I loved that song!!
    That fudge covered apple looked Amazing.
    I definitely prefer candy to crunches!

  3. I laughed out loud at, "Do I want abs, or do I want this fudge-covered apple?" - I can SO relate - I ALWAYS choose the chocolate, my #1 weakness.

    Found you on me + the moon's blog hop!


  4. This made me laugh. Maybe because I can totally relate. Is it bad that I run just so I can eat more food? ;)
    Fizz and Frosting

  5. Too many temptations!! You look very happy eating!

  6. strange, the song that is playing now on my iTunes is Chocolate by Snow Patrol, coincident? it's good to enjoy something sweet every now and then.

    you looked like you enjoy the fudge-covered apple. have a sweet day.

  7. Ordinary Words...Am totally with you on being a chocoholic...mmm hot chocolate is calling♫

  8. mmmm....chocolate covered apple! Who could not be slobbery?!
    Your costume sounds fabulous!

  9. I'm shocked neither of our mums tried to snap pictures of our Halloween beauty when you were over here XD Also, I am offended you did not bring me some of your apple while I was working that night :P

    1. So true, Kori, what were your mothers thinking! I, too, am disappointed at the lack of photos!

  10. Time travelling gangster.

    you are so cute!

    There is NO way to eat one of those gracefully.

    I saw a recipe for caramel dipped grapes to ensure tidy eating...I haven't tried them...but, hey, it's always fun to make a mess with your food!

    Thanks for the smile and the Xcellent fun link this week.



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