Wednesday, November 14, 2012

-insert creative title here-

I went to a yoga class last night...


I did not realise just how stiff I was.

However, at least I was not the person in the corner who fell asleep and kept snoring really loudly.

(It was pretty funny. I kept trying not to giggle and slightly failing, so it was like I was breathing really heavily and seemed even more out of shape than I actually am.)

That was comforting.

(I'm writing with lots of line breaks to make it look like my post is longer- is it working?)

Actually, it's kinda bugging me so I'm going to stop now. (Bugging. Isn't that an odd word? I'm picturing myself slowly mutating into a large insect... hopefully I'd be a pretty one, like an extremely large butterfly with crimson wings and iridescent eyes.) Seriously though, I have gained serious respect for all of you people out there who do yoga often... I do exercise nearly every day (although as I've mentioned before, it's largely counteracted by everything I eat, such as my -cough-row-cough- of Girl Guide cookies) but I am obviously not very flexible. (So I can't bend my knee to my chest. SORRY.)

Plus, I think that my outfit contributed to this failure. I didn't realise until after I'd left the house that my pants had a ginormous chocolate milk splatter (like, basically from my hip to my knee) so I had to walk around all day looking like a hobo. (SEXY.) Plus, I had attempted to braid my hair but little pieces kept falling out so it was like I had stuck my finger in a socket. (Even sexier. Mhmm.)

Also... maybe the reason I like dinosaurs so much (my shirt today featured one. It might have been the most adorable thing ever) is because we share a similar skill at flirting.

This is my life, dearest listeners.


  1. haha, poor t-rex. he gets no love. i love that someone fell asleep at yoga. that's very random.

    1. he's so cute tho! I would totally give him a hug xD and haha, I thought so too... sooo happy it wasn't me.

  2. Ahh, poor t-rex...I doubt he know he would be the butt of every joke 65 million years ago :)

    Yoga is great, and even if you think you sucked at it everyone starts somewhere and you would be amazed how quickly you get better and gain flexibility so keep it up!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday :)

    1. poor guy :P maybe it's a good thing he's no longer around!

      haha, good to know :) I really enjoyed it, and I hope to continue soon!

  3. Yoga is actually harder than it looks! If (and I stress this 'if') I ever wanted to do some exercise, I'd do yoga/pilates. But exercise is hard so I don't really see that happening often haha :) You rock for doing it!! Plus that dino-cartoon is so cute and so true!

    1. I do pilates videos sometimes- soo fun! (although I suck. Whatever.) and haha, I loved it!


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