Thursday, October 18, 2012

vérités de la vie

aka life truths... with my French twist. (I have to insert a little bit of French somewhere... I don't want to break the school's heart. And why yes, inanimate objects most definitely have hearts.)

-If you need to surrepticiously eat a snack (aka during class, not that I ever do this, cough cough), you will have brought something like apples or carrots.

-Plus, because you need to eat it quietly, the sound will be magnified a thousand times. (This is also true for wrappers.)

-There are two types of knee sock monsters. One steals socks and builds his nest with them so that you can never find them again; the other puts the mismatched remaining socks in pairs so that you show up at school with two completely different socks.

-The day you decide to put your hair in a messy bun and not wear makeup will either be a) picture day, b) the day all the other girls decide to look good (somehow without informing you; I suspect a plot) or c) the day you're supposed to be on a trip with a chance to see cute boys (and, because you are not groomed, they will appear).

-If you are not in class a full five minutes before the bell, you look like a slacker because everyone else will be.

-One side of the school will be a sauna: so hot that you have to take your tights off in the middle of class and just hope you're not flashing the people sitting behind you. The other side will be a freezer: so cold you have to wear a winter coat, a blanket and two hoodies in order to avoid becoming an icicle. (To be completely honest... both of these happened yesterday.)

To finish, this video... is kind of my life.

Except for two key differences:
1- we sing O Canada. Every morning. Except it's more like standing awkwardly and shooting glances at each other like 'why are we hereee?" because no one actually sings.

2- I don't bring notes to leave. I just disappear, and when asked for a valid reason smile and say that I was working on yearbook. (Works every time. This is probaly because enough people have witnessed my hallway meltdowns and are now too scared to confront me... SUCCESS.)

Any of this seem familiar?

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  1. Well, it's been at least 40 years since I was in school, but I was the editor of the Yearbook! And I used to pull the same trick when leaving class!



  2. Nearly all of it sounds familiar!

    Cute post.


  3. Flash the students! Hope you didn't flas the teacher - not sure how she or he would write that up for detention!
    ha ha so funny!

  4. apples and carrots? I'm not sure that's a snack that high school students bring, I'm sure I never did.

    fun video, though. have a great day.

  5. bahaha! so true! i still say this in college!

    found the route

  6. Yearbook editor here - but many years ago! Interesting to know it still is a good excuse!

  7. Gosh.

    We always snuck in twinkies.


    And those wrappers are Very loud, too!

    Thanks for the smile.

    This was a cute post!



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