Friday, October 5, 2012

the melody of falling leaves

...yeah, after these past few titles I think it's easy enough to tell that I love fall. I love the rich, vibrant reds, oranges and yellows... the crunch of leaves underfoot... the tiny chill in the air.... it's times like these that I feel truly lucky to live in Canada. (Just don't ask me when it's 20 below and my nose is dropping off.) Plus, today is Friday... so that's just a little extra boost. (Really all that means to me right now is that I work for two days straight... but whatever, I still haven't gotten out of the habit of excitement.)

So, to celebrate this lovely day, I decided to put together a playlist! (I'm currently at school, so I can't put up links... I'll do it as soon as I have a computer where Youtube isn't illegal.)

1. Red- Taylor Swift (What better way to start a fall playlist than with a song called Red?)

2. Seven Nation Army- The White Stripes (For some reason the boys at my school are obsessed with the guitar in this song, so listening to them play it, I've loved it for a while without ever knowing what it was called. In case this is your current situation, I'm sharing it!)

3. Black and Blue- Ingrid Michaelson (I sing these lyrics all the time. They just get stuck in my head... but they sound so sarcastic and, well... "Everybody knows that I'm a mess" is pretty accurate.)

4. This Kiss- Carly Rae Jepsen (Some nice pump-up music!)

5. Be Like You- Ed Sheeran (This song manages to sound both cheerful and melancholy at once. It's one of those songs that you're just tempted to sing to someone... or maybe that's just me.)

6. Hardest of Hearts- Florence + The Machine (They are, after Stars, my favourite band... she has such a gorgeous and powerful voice, and all the lyrics are so poetic.)

7. Ribbons- Ingrid Michaelson (I love the lyrics in this song too.. they're so full of imagery.)

8. Relax My Beloved- Alex Clare (This song makes my spine crawl. The combination of his voice and the dubstep-y music... mmmm.)

9. Turn Me Up- Carly Rae Jepsen (Looking at this and the other Carly Rae Jepsen song, I realise they don't fit with the tone of the rest of the playlist... but I like them, so I'll just ignore that fact! I suppose fall does have some 'heart-pumping' moments... like when you're on a Halloween ride and the guy with the chainsaw jumps out, OMG.)

10. Begin Again- Taylor Swift (This song is so sweet and soft... like a lullaby.)

11. Firefly- Ed Sheeran (This song also seems very 'fall' to me. I can just picture the fireflies winking through the dusk, fluttering through the leaves...)

And there we are! This is what I've been listening to lately. Do you like any of these artists? Do you have any suggestions for me? ...and even if you hated it, I'll wish you a happy Friday!


  1. I just started learning how to play Seven Nation Army! It's actually super easy.

    1. ooh, really? i haven't been playing guitar at all recently, but once i start again i'll have to check it out :3 have fun!

  2. I've not listened to any of these songs! Been looking for some new ones so will check them out :)
    I just always have Bon Iver playing, soooo obsessed!
    I also love Autumn, I find it so refreshing and relaxing!
    Have a lovely weekend! xx

    1. i keep meaning to check Bon Iver out! i adore their song skinny love, but somehow i never get around to listening to any more :P
      thanks, and you too!

  3. Really loving your musical choices - in particular the Ed Sheeran and Ingrid Michaelson which I have never listened to before. Thanks!
    Do you sing any of these songs yourself? If you do, you should post your take.

    1. thanks! i'm glad you liked them :3

      i sing different ed sheeran and ingrid michaelson songs, but i haven't in so long that it would probably be awful XD once i start practicing again, maybe i will!


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