Monday, October 22, 2012

my opinions (something I don't suck at)

Two lists in one posts... I truly am blessed. (You might be slightly less excited but muahahaha, it's my blog!)

1. Braids. (Admittedly, this is partially because my hair is so fine that whenever I braid it, it looks like a rat-tail. So maybe I just suck at wearing braids?)

2. Stopping myself from eating sweets. (Aka, I ate half a bag of licorice allsorts yesterday. Why are they so good?)

3. Sleeping in. (The latest I've ever slept in my life was 8:30 am. No joke.)

4. Staying up late. (I am always the one who falls asleep and misses out on all the late-night craziness. Sigh.)

5. Not sharing my opinion. (I think something about everything. This is not always a good thing. That being said, it is my opinion that I used 'thing' too often in that sentence... hmmm)

6. Sticking to things. (Witness my several unfinished stories and the length of time since I last played guitar.)

7. Remembering things while I write lists. (Seriously, as soon as I post this I'll probably think of seven more items, but it will be TOO LATE!)
1. Licorice allsorts are the most addicting and wonderful type of candy. (Witness point 2 earlier.)

2. Moist is an extremely disgusting word. (Just... ew, I don't even like thinking it.)

3. Vampire Diaries is the best show currently on television. (I SOBBED MY HEART OUT the last episode. OMG it was the saddest thing ever.)

4. People shouldn't text you if they don't intend to text back at some point. (I HATE this. I mean, really, if you're going to text me, I will reply and I expect there to be some kind of reciprocity. And no, I don't mean LOL. That is not actually an answer.)

5. October is too early to put Christmas decorations in stores. (Whoa, hold your horses! Halloween isn't even passed yet.)

6. Dressing up is fun and shouldn't need an occasion. (I would be one happy girl if I could wear splendourous dresses every day.)

7. There is no such thing as too much glitter. (Yay bling!)

8. "Example" should be shortened as "ex" and not "e.g.". (Eg just looks like you're trying to write 'egg' and forgot a g. It's silly. I think that in this case French is definitely correct.)

Both of these linkups are over here at lalalists! (Just in case you want to go read more lists or read some yourself!)

Also... try not to cry, but I'll be away for a few days. Remember the basketball tournament I mentioned here? Well, I leave Wednesday morning! (This means several days of agony while I ensure that my luggage contains all the necessaries... ok, and maybe a few extra shirts, just because. Although honestly, so far it contains more food than anything else... what can I say, road trips= snacks. ) I'll be sure to update you all on our progress (who knows, we might even win! Miracles have happened) when I return... until then, have a lovely week and enjoy the falling leaves.


  1. I'll miss you! And I know EXACTLY what you mean about the texting. That is the most annoying thing in the world.


  2. I do that exact thing with lists! Good luck on the basketball trip xD it sounds so much fun! and the texting thing? God its the worst ahaha ;) xx

  3. I suck at braids and not eating sweets too! Though I am quite good at sleeping in! :P

  4. Hahah love both of these! thanks for (double) linking up!


  5. "moist" really is a gross word.. it sounds sexual or just plain dirty xD "tender" is better :3


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