Wednesday, October 17, 2012


For whatever reason, I am super excited to write a post of this type. (I suspect it is because I am super tired, and talking about myself requires little to no effort... I am a constant font of wisdom, or maybe just made-up words.)

Reading: Cotillion, by Georgette Heyer. This book (like most of Mrs. Heyer's, actually) is like chocolate: a comfort read. I can be near tears... read... then still be near tears, but from laughing. (I think I mention this whenever I talk about a book I'm reading- rest assured not everything I read is funny, but I do dearly love to laugh. Yay for random Jane Austen references!)

Watching:...New Girl. Yes. Still. Repeatedly. Also, The Mindy Project! (Has anyone ever heard of this? It's in a similar wacky-girl vein.) However, I couldn't find this week's online... I think that the presidential candiate debate played instead. -sadface- How dare politics interfere with my TV watching? Obviously I need to find some Canadian programs to watch, seeing as our elections are so short that one week it's like, oh, there's an election and the next day it's like, oh, wait, we're voting today...

Working On: scholarship applications! Yay money! (Or maybe just hard work for nothing. Who knows. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for CASH!) Blah. If any of you feel like sending me cheques for my wonderful blogging skillz, please let me know.

Thinking About: the fact that 'retardis' should really be a word: someone who is dumber on the inside than they look on the outside. (Doctor Who, anyone?) Also, the fact that The Lizzie Bennet Diaries are soon nearing a scene that I think Darcy will appear in. Does that make sense? I'm trying not to be too obvious for fear of SPOILERS! (Which, in case you didn't know, is also a Doctor Who reference.) (I know, I know, crazy fangirl alert.)

Listening To: Taylor Swift's latest release (OMG her album comes out on Monday! Excitement central!) as well as some Owl City (this song is so adorably stalker-ish... and no, I didn't think I'd ever say that either) and a... boyfriend checklist song? (It is positively darling, and I can picture myself singing this to someone.)

Eating: nothing... but I want pumpkin. I saw this recipe for pumpkin cinnamon streusel cake and I want it... but I am lazy and so I am not cooking. (I am fully one of those people who bookmarks 500 recipes and eventually makes 3 in a year.) While I'm at it, I also want every single one of these cupcakes because I can't pick which one looks best. (Yes. I will one day become a hippo.)

Tea would also be lovely  (after reading this mouthwatering post by Em) because tea is just THE BOMB. (Side note: is that cool? I keep reading 'cray' and 'cray cray' everywhere for 'crazy'. Is that the new hip thing now? Is hip even in? As a teenage girl, aren't I supposed to know these things? I'M SUCH A LOSER.) However, it is late at night (read: after eight, oh my) and so I will resist temptation... sigh.

Anticipating: my basketball tournament! We leave next Wednesday... I just realised that yesterday, and was like OMG I NEED TO PACK. (Yes. I have a week. That's not really a lot of time when you look at the size of my closet. Plus, I have to bring several different outfits because I will probably be sweaty... gorgeous, I know.)

Wishing: that I did not have to work. (Whine, whine.)  I know. I should be grateful, and I am... especially when I hear the horror stories from friends (example: the girl who works in the deli and has to empty chicken grease into a gigantic vat... all together now, EWWW) or think about how much shopping money I have. (Shallow, yes. Exciting, even more so!) Ah well, keep calm and write blog posts, right?

Not gonna lie: I had a ton of fun writing this post. (Hopefully it wasn't too boring!) What about you? How is your week going?


  1. I actually really enjoy reading these kind of posts! Especially with your hilarious musings.
    The Mindy Show. LOVE. It's SO funny, and I was sad that they let Ben and Kate show, and not Mindy last night :( The debates were quite entertaining though!
    I was trying to figure out why I wasn't getting replies to my comments, and I finally get it. If you reply on your actual blog post, the commenter can't see it, so you have to reply to their email :)


  2. I love New Girl and the Mindy Project! Nothing like fun, girly comedies to make your night. Also, I'm looking forward to Taylor's album too! :)

  3. Oh my god, the recipe thing? Totally me... awkward turtle.
    OHMYWORD I can't believe someone actually likes my posts... haha that sounds so pessimistic but it's so true :')
    Hehe "the bomb" is from like the '90s... I have no idea what people say nowadays, I mean the main social interactions I have are with total fangirls and my cat, so... hahaha

  4. I actually can't wait for Taylor Swift's new album :)
    I haven't seen any recent New Girl episodes, but I was really liking it. And I can't wait to watch The Mindy Project!!
    And what are jobs if not to splurge on things you like ;)

  5. So absolutely hilarious!! Looking forward to the next post.


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