Monday, October 15, 2012

fashionable endeavors

Last night (and yes, this did require me to stay up late... like, past 11. I nearly died) I went to go see a fashion show! (And yes, I mean an actual fashion show with designers and models... not just my friends and I in my basement. Although that would be fun, they rarely consent to participating... WHY?)

I blogged about last season's here (cause you know, I'm such a seasoned fashion blogger, who goes to all these huge shows...) and I am pleased to say that this time, there were no hair emergencies! (Plus, there was actual colour, aka I was not the sole person dressed in something other than black.)

We even had a stroke of luck: the people who were supposed to sit in the front row in front of us... never showed up. (How can you not show up for the front row of a fashion show? What is wrong with you?) Therefore, we (with our ninja skillz) managed to steal them!

So, without further ado, here are my 300 photos... haha, no worries, most of them are blurry. Sob. Here are the best ones! (..and they're not great either. I apologise for that blinding ball of light behind the models' heads.)

FIERCE. I need to learn how to model-walk. 

I am a sucker for bows. Plus leopard print... it just works.

I love this dress. Prom, anyone? (Also, this girl was 6ft5. That's more than a foot taller than me. PLUS she was wearing heels... WHAT.)

This outfit reminded me of something Mr. Darcy would wear! 

This dress was so darling! I loved the little bow. 

I apologize for the blurriness... but I just loved how she flared her skirt!

Doesn't she look like a princess? (This collection was actually meant as a homage to Grace Kelly, so it definitely worked.) 

What did you think? Did you like any of these? 


  1. That is so exciting! Everything looks really great. I'm glad you were able to experience that!

    1. it was :3 (there were a couple of odd pieces, but on the whole it was gorgeous!)

  2. That looks like SUCH a cool event! I'm loving the floaty blue dress!

    1. it was lovely! and that was my favourite too :3 like a mermaid princess!

  3. i didn't notice pics of you. Did you walk down the runway, too?

  4. I love the last one!


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