Wednesday, May 8, 2013

home & energy (in lists!)

...and if that title didn't entice you, I'm not sure what could. Doesn't it sound like a boring radio ad for an energy-efficient fridge? ( (I know, I'm such a saleswoman. However, at least I'm better than one of my friends, who once tried to convince me NOT to buy something from her for a fundraiser. It's a wonder she managed to raise any money... although given my own experiences, I should be more sympathetic.)

Or perhaps it's imploring you to turn off the lights in your house, so I don't have to pop up and do it myself. (Us ninjas prefer the darkness. We're also very environmentally conscious.)

However (my graceful segue word in every occasion, from essays to awkward conversations) that is not actually what this post is about. I have no interest in fridges (other than the fact that they hold food! And food is good! Yay for food!)- today, I'm actually sharing two more of my lists from Moorea Seal's list project.

Week 12: things that feel like home. it's pretty easy to see that, for the most part, feeling at home means being alone. In the quiet. In the dark. (Again, this can all be explained by my inherent ninja-ness.)

Week 18: ways I'm energized. 

Of course coffee is the first on the list! (Priorities.) Funny how several of these ended up being similar to the previous list, despite having been done weeks apart.

What makes you feel at home? What energises you?

Also: The Great Gatsby comes out on Friday. Excuse me while I pass out from excitement. (NoI'mnotobsessed,whywouldyousaythat?)


  1. Intense debates and dancing get me pretty excited as well! (and I also can't wait to see The Great Gatsby)

  2. Coffee. Dancing. Exercise. Sounds pretty energetic to me! I get energized by drawing the perfect picture, without needing an eraser (not even once). Really enjoyed your blog post! Ninjas unite!

  3. Girlfriend, your photos are overlapping... widen your blog a bit to correct it!

    And I am stoked for Gatsby! Once again, we are treated with Leos face all over the screen :)

  4. I love the idea of writing these out! You have cute handwriting :) ha ha!

  5. I'm amused that you are energized by reading the newspaper; you always look so thoughtful and peaceful when I walk past you at work and you're doing such things :3

    Amen to music in the dark! <3

  6. Dancing!! Great one, I forgot that one!! I could spend the day checking out all your archives. Very fun blog!!


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