Saturday, January 12, 2013

sense and sensibility and saltines

So, in continuing the theme of yesterday's post, I thought I'd talk about the little joys of... grocery shopping?

Yes. Does anyone actually enjoy grocery shopping? I would... if I had unlimited money and needed to eat nothing but chocolate. (With some arugula thrown in for good measure. Also some grilled cheese sandwiches. Seriously, that would be the perfect diet. I should market this. Let it be known as... The Ninja Diet!)

However, today was joyful because... we bought salted saltines! You wouldn't think there is another version... but yes, you can buy unsalted saltines. What is wrong with the world? It's in the name. By making an unsalted version, you're contradicting your own packaging. I'm just super happy about this because, twice in a row, we have accidentally purchased the unsalted ones -major sad face- You know there's something wrong when you have to put salt on your own crackers...

Also... Doctor Who. Jesse's and my typical conversation about it:
-OMG why is it so sad
-my feels (this is Jesse, the term feels should be repugnant to anyone with sense)
-why can we not stop watching this
-it's some kind of brain control but in real life
-wtf so much confusion
-random quotes from random episodes because they're amazing

Yes. Saltines and Doctor Who. This is my typical Saturday, world. (With several hours of math homework thrown in. Apparently spending several hours every weekday just isn't enough.) How's yours going?


  1. I love Doctor Who, but yes it can be sad..but also funny. I love the 11th Doctor!

    1. omg, that's for sure! "bowties are cool!" ;) <3

  2. Doctor Who = my life.

    Also, "my feels" made me laugh more than I care to admit XD


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