Thursday, January 31, 2013

zia vs. the world

...just accept that I'll probably be right and accept this as truth, kayy?

1) Our Perfect Mistake by The Wombats is a great song to go running to

2) Treadmills are hateful nuisances

3) There are too many good TV shows out there, they're taking over my life (New Girl, Vampire Diaries... Doctor Who, Bomb Girls... Sherlock, The Office... sighh)

4) As is Goodreads (it's like an online bookstore except I can't spend any money, what's not to love)

5) Life would be better if I could carry my tea/coffee/hot chocolate around everywhere

6) Before transitioning from a cute child into a semi-rational human being, everyone goes through this amoeba state in grades 6-8 (and some people never leave it)

7) Instead of better bombs, someone should invent calorie-free chocolate

8) Lana Del Rey has lovely songs and also bizarre ones

9) Peplum shirts and dresses are not flattering on anyone

10) Leggings are stylish and comfortable, what's not to love

11) These teas are possibly the best thing in my life right now

Merry Cranberry. It's like drinking winter; spicy and sweet and oh-so-nice.

Birthday Cake. It has sprinkles and ice cream. I don't think any other explanation is needed.

Forever Nuts. It's pink. Again, what else to say? (I reviewed it here!)


  1. Oh, I love New Girl! And Goodreads!

  2. I LOVE all of those shows. New Girl was epic this week, and I <3 Bomb Girls!

    1. omg, totally agreed! that nick/jess scene was so intense :O

  3. Ditto Katrin! and so agree for lana del ray!! lol

    thanks for linking up!

  4. Omg, my amoeba stage was so awkward XD While in it, my clothing choices involved like yellow jogging pants with stripes and tacky Grumy Dwarf flatbrim hats. I'm not even kidding. /shame

    i just bought birthday cake! i cant wait to try it xD


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