Tuesday, January 29, 2013

single awareness day

Recently, reading through various blogs, I've noticed an alarming trend. Scarier than long, false fingernails (to anyone who wears these: aren't you worried you're going to impale yourself in the eye?) and horror movies.
(I realised recently that, were I living in such a world, I would be that dumb blonde who accidentally trips over something and reveals her exact location to the villain.) (...does it show that I never watch horror movies?)

I speak, of course, of the upcoming Valentine's Day.

Seriously. Why are there already so many posts about this holiday? We're not even in February yet, people.

And okay, maybe I'm a little bitter. I was at the doctor's office today, booking another appointment...

Receptionist: how does February the 14th work for you?
Me: oh, that'll be fine...Wait a second, that's Valentine's Day!
Receptionist: is that a problem?

However, I must say that my prospects are better than they were at this time last year. I- in my youthful folly- belonged to student council. They- in their youthful folly- okay no, they were just weird- decided that we should go spread cheer and love to the general population by becoming singing telegrams. (Yes, because everyone single needs another reminder that no one wants to sing to them?

I'll just go sit in a café alone in the corner with my newspaper...no big deal... I'll wear my pink glasses for some concession to holiday cheer, and eat chocolate (what a hardship!) and people-watch until I can't bear the sweetness anymore...

At least Grumpy Cat understands me.


  1. grumpy cat!!! go watch my video, i made the face :)

  2. Aha this year is my first Valentines single since 2008!!! How mental. I'm looking forward to it actually, it is so overrated!
    (Also there were just 3 posts - all in a row - on my Blogger feed on what to get males for Valentines, jeeeeesh, get them socks, sorted.)
    Hopefully you may meet someone absolutely amazing in the waiting room this Valentines?

  3. i also think valentines day is overrated. i'm married, but i've never been a huge fan of this holiday. maybe its cuz i'm not cheesy and in love with flowers, cuddling and chocolate candies...but enjoy being single!!! don't feel bad if you don't have a love interest at the moment either!!!!

    new follower :)


  4. Your convo with the receptionist was so cute! I think it's an overrated day, I myself will be using it as an excuse to wear more pink and eat chocolate :) - Boho Vanity

  5. Screw Valentine's Day... people shouldn't need a holiday to be more romantical etc. One day we will look back on these days and wish we appreciated being single. Or at least that's what I keep hearing. xxx


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