Wednesday, January 23, 2013

sometimes I amaze myself- or, Ethel

I've decided to name the intensely awkward part of my personality Ethel, so that it/she gets the hint that it/she is not welcome. (Apologies if your name is Ethel, but it's not a name of which I've ever been fond.) Perhaps that way, I'll be able to prevent days like yesterday, in which my amazing inability at dealing with people astounded even me.

First, a sample conversation:

Me: how come some people can just deal with others? Like, what's wrong with us?
Jesse: it's called confidence, omg, where can I download that?
Me: maybe there's a book somewhere?

This was immediately before heading off to lunch at Cécile's ENORMOUS school. (Okay, so there's like a thousand people. It just seems like a lot because an unfair proportion of that number is composed of attractive boys and they don't have an ugly uniform.) I was so overwhelmed by all these people that I was unable to open the door.

I tried like six times, but it was just not happening. People were starting to get impatient behind me. Thankfully, there was another door, so I managed to sneak out behind someone else and pretend that it wasn't my fault that there was now a blockage in the hallway.

Secondly, I sang on my way to work. This is a daily occurence. However, I also decided to incorporate dancing at the intersection. (Blame the One Direction.) I was getting really into it when I turned around and realised that everyone driving in the opposite direction was pausing and laughing. One man in particular gave me a kindly look- so at least I made his day?

Finally, I had the most awkward work conversation of my life with a classmate's (possible? identity as yet unconfirmed) mother. I was going to post a transcript, but I came off as such an airhead (yes. Even more than usual. Hard to believe, I know) that I decided not to expose you to such cringe-worthyness.

...okay, so it was funny. (Maybe not for my classmate's mother, who's probably still wondering how such a confused person got a job. Let's just hope she had no idea who I was.) But still.  I can only hope that I will one day be able to eradicate Ethel.


  1. this is like my life everyday! oh well, at least it makes things interesting, right? the most awkward moments I have at work are when people I know come in too :/ i always manage to embarrass myself x

    1. true that- many interesting blog stories result ;) and ughhh, that sucks!

  2. Hahaha, this just reminded me of how Nicki Minaj has multiple long as Ethel doesn't get too out of hand, that's ok ;)
    Gosh, just realised how weird it must be to talk about "yourself" in the third-person. O_o

    1. I'll be sure to keep that in mind ;) wouldn't want to get too craxy!

      and no kidding... and imagine trying to figure out 'who' you were talking to :O


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