Wednesday, January 9, 2013

a hairbreadth of happiness (or, work)

I complain about work all the time, but sometimes there are just little things that make me smile and brighten my day, so I thought, for once, I'd share those instead! (And wow, long and ungrammatical sentence alert. Obviously today's writing club didn't do me any favours.)
  • the little girl who said to her grandma, looking at me, "Oh, that girl is so pretty!"
  • when an actual good song plays on the radio (mostly it sucks)
  • the joy I feel when I go shopping and realise I'm not the one trapped behind the counter (muahaha)
  • the cute boy who watched me (in a non-Edward-Cullen way) and smiled at me the entire time 
  • the little girl (couldn't have been older than three) who complimented me on my makeup and noted that my nails matched (which I hadn't even noticed- future stylist to the stars?) 
  • an excited explanation of hockey (someone had walked in wearing a jersey and my current customer explained who the player was)
  • joking with my coworkers
  • when I put away the hangers correctly and don't spill them on the floor (shh. It's the little things.)
  • the older ladies who tell me about their cats 
  • the feeling I get when I look at my bank account (MONEY)
And best of all... the thought that I have less than two months left. (Insert happy dance here.) 

On another, slightly related note, in my last post I mentioned that teenage years didn't seem to be too thrilling so far.
I didn't intend for this to sound as though I was unhappy- far from it. I'm lucky in so many ways; my family situation (when the worst memory of your parents you have is of being forced to drink a glass of milk, you're pretty sheltered), my friends, my cats... (who, apparently, didn't steal my USB- it was in my pyjama pocket. Why do pj pockets exist, anyway? It seems like you're guaranteed simply to lose things in them...)

I'm just bored; sick of slow nights at work, sick of classes that I'm taking only to get a credit, sick of being in those classes with the same people I've known for years. Simply put, I'm craving change. (Unfortunately, new clothes don't quite seem to cut it, especially since I have a uniform- nor does different dessert, mainly because I'm too lazy to bake anything.)

Finally, on a completely unrelated note: TV shows are starting again! Unfortunately, this aligns perfectly with 'exam time is starting again'... at least I've already been accepted to university, so no need to worry!

(...I'm joking.)
Jenny Matlock


  1. The chocolate from tonight is sitting on my desk... staring at me. I will resist. It will be my reward when my 21 days are over. /mantra

  2. Looks like a good list to me. You had me at hockey being the Canadian that I am. You sound like my 17year old daughter who is also craving change. A wonderful time awaits you...

  3. I certainly belong to the elderly lady who talks about cats, lol !

  4. Winter is always a waiting time for me also. It always passes though...

    1. it's an odd feeling... not bad, just different :P

  5. We have only begun our winter, and already I am itching for spring to come! I am not unhappy that winter is here, though. I don't want to wish my life away! It is way too short!!

  6. ahh so cute!!!
    who was the hockey player?
    kitties :3

    1. haha, I have no idea XD I was so confused when he was explaning!

      and ikr <3

  7. Congratulations on being accepted to university. That's wonderful! Maybe you can buy yourself a baked good (baked by someone else!) as a treat to celebrate. :)

    1. thank you :D and yay for delicious baked goods! sounds like a plan :)

  8. To bring you closer than a hairsbreadth to happiness!

    A cute kitty shirt.

  9. I love the picture of your life you painted here!

    That ennui is something that is hard to combat...I often find that doing for others (as in volunteering A LOT!) helps me with those emotions!

    Thanks for a wonderful link for the letter "H".



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