Friday, April 26, 2013

dear spring

There are robins on my lawn.

You know what this means... all the worms are being eaten. I do pity them. When I was younger, I used to run around the playground, trying desperately to save them before all the mean kids stepped on them. (I like to see this as a sign that I have a tender heart. My friends, for whatever reason, prefer "weird".)

These days, I don't do that anymore. (I do, however, wince whenever I go driving in the rain... am I running them over? Please ooze out of my way, little worms!) These days, I prefer to take robins as a sign that spring is, finally, here.

Is this a good thing? I'm not entirely sure. There is sun now, which means that the world will expect me to...

1. Be tanned. You've seen photos of me... but they don't accurately capture my glow. My skin tone, at the darkest of times, is a cross between "half-ripe strawberry" (freckles as seeds, and just generally red) and "friendly neighbourhood ghost" (except I'm not always friendly, and we don't live anywhere near each other, so let's just go with 'ghost')... and yet people still ask me why I don't go tanning.

2. Have a job. This isn't entirely a bad expectation- I could use some money to go on wild shopping sprees (...for tea. Shh. Pretend I said something crazy... like chocolate!) but, seeing as I'm going away for five weeks this summer (details later) I highly doubt anyone would want to hire me.

3. Leave the playgrounds to the little kids. They, like the robins, seem to be sprouting everywhere... and now, whenever I try to go on the swings, I am greeted with major suspicion. Is it really that unbelievable that I want to go on a playground? Do I look like some kind of criminal?

4. Drink Frappuchinos or Ice Capps instead of coffee. ...okay so this is my own expectation. This is so awful I can't even describe how little I want to drink a deliciously sweet and creamy iced drink... How horrifying.

5. Prepare for university. I'm not sure where this one is coming from. I have a popcorn maker! What other preparations do I need to make? I would far rather look at Cat Bounce! (click it. Now. It is so worth it.)

What kinds of expectations are you feeling this spring?


  1. Ice Capps, yes!! They're my favourite. Or Tim's $1 Ice Coffee. Yum!

  2. Lovely post, get ready to waltz into spring, summer and the university. It's lots of work, but also lots of fun if you let it be :)

    Thank you for visiting pret-a-vivre!

  3. Spring Break. A lot of heat. I hope you stick upto your resolutions (It's been a lot harder for me to stick to mine!)

    I was thinking other than the internship, I could volunteer at the Blind Girl's School, or maybe Old Age home. There's a lot on my cards.

    You've got a beautiful way of expressing.
    Take care :)

  4. aww, i used to do really similar things. i still hate when i accidentally step on worms though. haha :)

  5. Spring indeed it’s a big change itself. Everything comes to life and I don’t know about other people, but once the spring is here I feel more motivated to do stuff. Like go out more, study more, read more books…visit nice places and in the end.Also study more for the university.

  6. HAHAHA that website!!! i literally lol-ed at work. yes, congratulations.

    poor worms :( i was the same, except with worms and rollie polies. i made them little houses.

    i think we are going to be best friends.

    1. i'm pretty white white as well. i started tanning last year, for like a month, so i look normal? its time again. for the next month i will be getting my tan on.

    2. tea is a perfectly good reason to get a job.

    3. swings are the best

    4. i don't completely agree, but i'm with ya on the whole "why should the weather dictate what i drink?" thing

    5. i want a popcorn maker.

    see? told you. thank you for following me! i'm glad i found your adorable blog!


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