Sunday, April 14, 2013

on biology

Sometimes I stare into the mirror and try to count my freckles. I'm nearly certain that (at a rate of one per year or so) they are increasing... however I could be mistaken and it could just be pen stains. (Yes, I wash my face frequently... but I also have acquired the bad habit of chewing on my writing utensils. I noticed this only after I offered to lend someone a pencil and they refused with a horrified stare... causing me to realise that said pencil was currently in my mouth. Whoops.)

Having more freckles is actually comforting, not only because it means I am getting vitamin D (or so I tell myself- I'm no longer taking biology and so try not to trouble my pretty little head with such conundrums) but because it means that, in some intangible way, I am evolving. It's nice to know that my body manages to do things without my conscious self sometimes (although I must say, dreaming three times about The Office last night was not a conscious decision either. That seems to border on obsession... what other things am I thinking about without even noticing? SCARY) because it seems that, in general, I am inclined to think too much.

...speaking of: did you know that the tobacco plant has different reactions depending on what predator lands on it? Sometimes it's poisonous. Sometimes it's spiky. Basically, its leaves... have brains. Am I the only one scared by this? Everyone's worried about the zombie apocalypse- I think I'll fear take-over by plants.

But to return to talking about myself (because we all know that's my favourite subject... actually that's a lie. My favourite subject is literature. However, are my favourite books only a reflection of myself?... #TooComplicated #TimeForANap)... I still haven't decided on a university.

-hides behind the sofa-

Yes. Despite having recieved my offer in DECEMBER, I have yet to decide which program to choose. (At this point, I'm actually hoping for that tobacco plant apocalypse so that I don't have to make a decision. Or I might just draw it out of a hat- that would be far more productive!)

Yeah, so... that's that. Another example of indecisiveness: I've been thinking about making popcorn all week and I have yet to do so because plugging in my air-popcorn maker just seems like too much work...

DECISION TIME: I'm going to go make popcorn- all that's prevented me from doing so before now is the fact that it is downstairs and I am not, and no one has yet invented a teleportation machine. (I am 100% certain that, if such a thing did exist, it would be used primarily to get food.)

also: I am finally on Bloglovin! Go me! (And go follow me!)

Happy Sunday, blog ninjas! (If you've gotten all the way to here, let me award you some honorary popcorn.)


  1. Even though you weren't officially on bloglovin until today I have been following you on there for the past month or so... I even just got here to read this post from there!

    That whole tobacco plant thing is really really freaky. Like really.

    I am wishing you lots and lots and lots of luck on your university decision because it sounds like you need it...

  2. Firstly...this made me smile :)
    Secondly, I am as we speak, editing photos of my beautiful niece and remarking on how ADORABLE her freckles are and was JUST THEN thinking how I wish I had some like hers. So. Rejoice!
    Also, how lucky you are to have choices re:university. I came from a small beach/sugarcane farming town on the East Coast of Australia and so had no idea which uni to attend in the big city. In the end I just chose the one with the least amount of letters (ie. there was QUT, GRIFFITH and UQ....and I went UQ). Luckily for me, I inadvertently happened to pick the most prestigious. Woo! Go me. And while I wouldn't normally endorse this method of decision-making, if all the choices are good ones then just do it! Believe it's going to be great regardless of which one you choose, because you can never really KNOW, right? x

  3. 1) Microwave popcorn! Unless you don't have a microwave... In that case, this is awkward.
    2) Choosing a uni is hard, I know I had no idea what to do and I left my decision as late as I could. But, just go with your heart!


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