Friday, April 19, 2013

in which I talk about how I did nothing

Welcome to this week's edition of... Friday Letters! Are you surprised that I'm actually doing a similar post two weeks in a row? To liven things up, let's guess why. Is it...
a) because I like doing this linkup? or...
b) because I have really done nothing this week that is noteworthy and so I resort to imaginary conversations for blog fodder?

Yeah so... it was mostly b). But this is fun!

Dear World: I'm sorry for doing absolutely nothing this week. I'll try harder next week. (...LIES.) But, as they say...

Dear Chemistry Test: why did you have to be right before lunch? I think I failed some of your questions just because I was thinking too much about food...

Dear The Office: ...why are you ruining my life. Seriously. Pam and Jim are the TV couple I have looked up to my entire childhood as an example of sanity and utter adorableness... they can't break up. I'm begging you.

Dear Jesse: thank you for making me laugh so hard with your latest tea video! And for making me feel that I was semi-having a conversation with you and so was only semi-pathetic and antisocial. (Semi is about as good as it gets.) Loveee youuu, tea/DW/loner/too-many-things-to-count-buddy!

Dear Healthy Brownies:

Thank you for being so delicious! When I eat you, I feel both satisfied and healthy... so yay! (The recipe can be found here- I would definitely recommend you try them!)

Dear Weather: make up your mind. Are you in a good mood? (aka sun and warmth) or a bad mood? (aka rain and wind) So far you seem to be tending towards the latter, but since YOU. CHANGE YOUR MIND. LIKE A GIRL. CHANGES CLOTHES (#retrosongmoment) I really can't tell what's going on.

Happy Friday, blog ninjas!


  1. I am so with you on the weather! It needs to pick one or the other (hopefully it makes the right choice!). Also, I made some healthy brownies a week ago and they were DISGUSTING. But i might try this recipe.

  2. oh, there are times when i have nothing to write in mind, and ended up writing about blotch surgery my friend had. not a good thing to visualize, eh?

    we got our first rain here in Bali yesterday morning!
    after a long sunny and hot days, it's good to have some rain.

  3. Hello there! Thanks for linking up with the Not Quite There Yet link up! So great to have you. :) Hope to see you back next Thursday to link up your Twitter account! Also I am currently having a $50 Target giftcard giveaway with a couple of other bloggers. You can enter that here:

    Pointing Up

  4. i hate the weather. that is all. (thank your for your letter yay)


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