Sunday, April 7, 2013

the statistics of prom dresses

Last week, I realised a terrifying fact.

I was the only girl in my class who didn't yet have a prom dress.

When you're one of six girls, that isn't a huge deal... but still. I was abnormal! That never happens! (Cue skeptical laughter...)

I could go on about how silly it is that girls are expected to buy their dresses several months before prom actually happens (it won't be for another two and a half months...) but that's a post all on its own. Therefore, I now present to you... the results of my dress shopping expedition. (Who doesn't love statistics?)

Number of...

...days spent thinking about shopping for it: 124

...days spent actually shopping:  slightly less than one (approx. 6 hours)

...days spent thinking about wearing it: 761 (at least) (this is since before I started highschool)

...days spent wearing it: less than one (sob. cry. I am consoled by the fact that at least it's not too prom-y and I can possibly wear it again someday)

...dresses looked at: 367 (really. at least.)

...of dresses tried on: eighteen

...dresses that didn't fit because of my massive ribcage: four (yes. some people obsess over their thighs or their stomach or their arms. I obsess over my ribcage)

...dresses rejected because of length: twenty-six (because I am too short to wear something floor-length, or even longer than my knees.)

...stores entered: nine

...stores where I tried something on: four

...scary salesgirls faced: eight (like really, don't talk to me. I am perfectly fine on my own.)

...hours in the car: five (so just slightly less than the actual shopping...)

...unknown women who tried to remove my bra: three (thankfully all store employees)

...unknown women who petted me:  one (NOT a store employee) (most awkward moment of the trip), from this, the conclusion I'm getting to... is that I obsess over things wayyy too much.

However... I have indeed found a dress, so maybe this all paid off?

Sound logical?

What was your prom dress shopping like? What was your dress like? (Or what do you want it to be like, if you haven't yet had a prom?)


  1. That is a lot of thought put into a dress - but I'm so glad that you found one!

  2. My mother and I drove all around Napanee and Kingston area trying to find the right dress. I didn't try too many on, but I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted and I felt like the trip was a nightmare cuz I couldn't find the right one. (I guess if that was a nightmare, the day I shop for my wedding dress will be doomsday) Finally the last store we went to I found this beautiful black dress, with the wonderful help of a sales lady in this boutique right off the highway near Napanee. The dress had a zipper up the front, strapless, had ruffles along each side of the zipper, was above the knees, nicely tucked in at the bottom and I found out that it had pockets. The perfect dress really. :P But yeah, dress shopping is nightmareish. On the plus side, you always wind up with a great dress. :)

  3. I feel like this was the story of every year that I went to Winter Ball (aka Winter formal) and when it came time for my Senior Prom in High School I tried on 1 dress on a whim, not even really shopping that happened to be my size(not my size anymore, don't let college make you fat lol) and went back a few days later to get it, on clearance. Totally a fluke but awesome. The most important part is just to remember that you're there to have fun! A dance is a dance, it'll be exciting, memorable, at time maybe awkward, but it's a night out of fun with the people in your life at the moment. Take lots of pictures, it'll grow to be a fond memory!

    Also, don't feel bad about whether or not you can wear the dress again, most people don't and that's fine because it's your prom dress, not your go to every day dress for going to the mall or library.

  4. Post a pic of your dress! I can't stand when the sales ladies follow me around trying to help, either. :)


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