Wednesday, February 20, 2013

concert? not so much

Last night marked possibly the one time I was disappointed by snow.

I know. You never thought I'd say that, did you?

But unfortunately, it is possible. Last night marked the night that Erika were supposed to attend the Emilie Autumn concert I mentioned here... but there was so much snow that we were trapped on the road and had to stop in one of the many hole-towns that surround ours.

So, instead of dancing and singing and attending a glorious concert... we took photos in parking lots.

You have to find the upside where you can, right? At least I got some gorgeous colouring done!

The waitress did look a bit surprised when I asked for crayons, but I was wearing cat ears... so she probably expected something of the kind. The two go well together.

Was this karma? Payback for all the times I've wished for snow, and no one else has? Perhaps. However, my other conclusion is that... it was the lipstick.

Yes. Remember this post? The last time I got snowed in somewhere? (Yes. Apparently this is becoming a semi-frequent event now.) I was wearing this same lipstick.

I'm a little bit frightened to wear it again now... what else might it jinx?

In other (less depressing) news: I have now rejoined the technological world! (All the better to share my continuing failiures, right?)

So far it's taught me that today is "International Cat Day"... so at least these photos are appropriate, right? (Maybe that's why my lovely kitties woke me up at four this morning?) Let me know what your username is- I'd love to follow you back!

Seriously, though. Really, weather?


  1. Awh that really sucks you guys didn't make it to the concert. :( You guys looked super cute! Definitely loving the cat ears. I followed you on Twitter. I'm AcidW0nderland. :)

  2. I'm following you on Twitter! Love the cat ears :)
    And I love and hate the idea of cursed lipstick.

    Oh and I'm @YolandaRonaldo on twitter :)

  3. I'm sorry the concert was snowed out. Great blog btw.

  4. Sorry the snow got you down! At least you looked great!

  5. You are too cute girl! Loving these pictures!
    xo TJ


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