Sunday, February 10, 2013

confessions from the heart

1. Wearing these shoes makes me feel kinda gangsta.

(and yes, I realise that as a white girl who screams at spiders, that is not an appropriate thing to say)

2. For the upcoming Emilie Autumn concert, Erika and I are planning to look like, in her words, "crack-whore faeries"... so be prepared for some pretty crazy photos!

3. I REALLY want this foundation.

However, every single time I try to buy it either online or in-store, it's out of stock. I think the universe is trying to tell me something...

4. I also REALLY want this palette.

My birthday is coming up, world... feel free to send it my way! More seriously, though, I think I'll simply not buy any neutrals for a while, then when I run out, buy it.

4. I wish people would mail me letters (or presents... I'm not picky!). I think it's an art that's been lost within my generation, and that saddens me. Is there an official letter day during which we can all share addresses and mail each other things?

5. I don't understand why chip bags contain so few chips.

Like, seriously? (For the record, these aren't even my chips. These are Kori's, so it's ALL HER FAULT.)

6. My right eye is slightly less open than my left eye, all the time... and I hate it. I can't make my eyes match, and I'm really insecure about it.

7. Despite the fact that Friday's snow day caused many accidents and that no one appreciated it except for our town's minority of highschool students... I'm hoping for another one tomorrow. (Yes. When it comes to days off school, I am very selfish.)

8. I can't do a messy bun, and for this reason (amongst many others) I feel that I fail at being a girl.

9.  I'm currently addicted to this song.

(Amongst many others. My friends are kind enough to lend me CDs, and I thus discover much lovely music!)

10. David's Tea no longer sells my favourite tea (Ice Cream Cake)... I discovered that this morning and am still upset.

And that's it for this week, dearling ninjas! (and yes, that is spelt intentionally incorrectly. Because I can never remember any of the lovely and educated words I know, I am forced to invent my own) What do you have to confess?


  1. you be a cute gangsta! :3 Also, omg, you and this foundation are not meant to be XD IT WAS NOT MY FAULT, OK, WHEN I'VE BOUGHT THOSE CHIPS THE BAG HAS ALWAYS BEEN ADEQUATELY FULL. IT MUST HAVE SOMTHING TO DO WITH THE FACT THERE WERE NONE OF THE HOT PRODUCE GUYS WORKING AT THE STORE AT THE TIME SO THE CHIPS WERE SAD AS WELL AND ATE THEMSELVES. Annnnd... I'll teach you my messy bun method of you tape the tutorial for me ;D xxx

  2. Believe it or not, Chip bags have so little chips because if half the bag wasn't full of air, all the chips in the bag would be broken. :)

  3. so true that thing about chip bags!!!
    i mean, why they waste too much plastic anyway when they only fill not even half of the bag???

    omg no more ice cream cake tea? good thing i bought 100g muahaha

  5. I love your blog, it's so random. ^_^

  6. I have the naked pallete and am wanting the naked 2 now. I also love Too Faced products. I am diggin the kicks my friend gangsta or not.


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