Wednesday, February 13, 2013

happy blogiversary to me!

So... it's been a year. A year of...

-snow (because you haven't heard enough about this yet, right?)
-social awkwardness
-fashion and makeup (faux pas? hmmm)
-fangirling (mostly Doctor Who)

(why am I putting two of the same letter? I feel like I have to continue now, it's stressing me out)

-working myself into a coma (of boredom)

(hahaha I broke the chain!)

-(the joys of) science (also the hating of)

(if I forgot them they might beat me up! oh, and speaking of- have you been admiring my beauteous new header? All thanks go to Jess(i)e who is a wonderful person even when he can't decide how to spell his name...)

-rants (seriously I am proud of this post, if you click on no other links you should read this one!)

and really... thank you. I'm so thankful to all of you for reading, laughing (I hope) or maybe just shaking your head (that's a perfectly normal response too!) as you followed along with me on this crazy journey that is my life.

Finally, though, I have a confession to make.

My name isn't really Zia.

Are you surprised? Confused? Let me explain... I originally had a very different idea for this blog, one that revolved more around the idea of story-telling than of talking about my real life, and so it was easier to have a blog persona rather than use my real name. While I still enjoy the story-telling part of it, my style has evolved and I now find myself using far more of my actual life than invention... so using a false name no longer seems as appropriate. (Although I do love Zia. Sigh. This was a difficult decision.)

So what am I really called?

Tatiana. -takes a bow- (it means fairy princess, in case anyone's curious... so obviously it is appropriate)

Nice to meet you all... again! Let's hope this coming year is as lovely as the next, dearest ninjas.


  1. Go you! Here's to another year :D I can't wait to read uni posts ;) xxx

  2. What a darling blog♫ Congrats on moving forward♥

  3. Aws! You are funny and this is such a cool blog. Yep! Congrats <3 xx

  4. Happy blog anniversary to you and Happy Valentines Day all rolled into one!! You have a great sense of humor.

  5. happy blogaversary, Tatiana!

    I love your name...

  6. A year is a great reason to feel like you REALLY have a BLOG:)

  7. I like Tatiana, that's an unusual name! And happy blogiversity! {:-Deb

  8. Congrats and I so enjoyed reading your
    post.. both fun and enjoyable...
    Happy Blogversary!

  9. Happy Blogaversary! Both of your names are charming, charming!

    You definitely REALLY have a blog!

    Thanks for linking!



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